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At CIS Abroad, we’re BOLDLY committed to helping you study or intern abroad.

Plus, we guarantee the best value in study abroad*!


Across 120 Programs

Our programs include everything you need for a rewarding program at an affordable cost! Plus, we have a variety of grants, scholarships, and financial aid resources.


From Our US Office & in 22 Program Countries

You’ll be supported by a CIS Abroad staff member before, during and after your trip. We’ll provide quick responses to your questions and ensure you’re prepared every step of the way.


Within 44 Cities

Built into each of our programs is The Local Life culture series, helping you live the local life. Learn where locals eat, shop, work, and play to better appreciate your new home.


With Courses in 88+ Majors

What’s study abroad without the study? Our academic partners abroad offer tons of classes that can count toward your degree. And we’ll help you get it all sorted out before you go.

*If you apply to a CIS Abroad program and find another program that gives you all that we do at a lower price, we’ll refund your money up to 2 months before your program. After participating in a CIS Abroad program, if we didn’t deliver on our guarantee, we’ll give you $1,000 off one of our featured summer programs.

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I was recommended CIS Abroad over any other program by my school’s Office of International Education because of the high regard students from the past decade had for their programs . . . I went into CIS Abroad’s program not knowing a soul and they made the transition unbelievably easy for me. If the other programs are anything like CIS Abroad Barcelona, you can be sure to expect a team that genuinely desires for you to have a safe, fun, eye-opening, memorable, and life-changing experience. - Joel Kearney
Studying abroad with CIS Abroad was the best decision I have ever made. From the moment I applied, their program was thorough, clear, and simple, and their team is responsive, passionate, and caring . . . CIS Abroad was not only affordable, but so beyond worth the money spent on the program. For less than I pay a semester at my home institution, we were provided extremely comfortable student accommodation, a fantastic education at a Scottish Institution, and experiences that I will never in my life forget. - Hanna Fuchs
From the get-go the program was super organized . . . I was immediately set up with an advisor that I could get in contact with super easily throughout the whole process . . . Once I got to Japan, they gave us a fun orientation in Tokyo where we got to browse all of the local hotspots and get to know our site director, Jeff (he is amazing!). The whole time we were there we could contact Jeff at literally any hour and he would get back to us super quickly. He also took us on excursions throughout the trip, like getting to see a Shinto ceremony at a shrine (that was closed only for us!), or feeding deer at Nara! It was absolutely amazing! - Krystal Sousley