Virtual Global Internship in New York City

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Master remote working while adding experience in the Big Apple to your resume.

Remote work isn’t the future way global business will function – it’s the present. With a virtual internship in New York City, with its global mix of people, start-ups, and organizations, you’ll work on projects from your home base while adding perspective to your professional work experience. Apply your knowledge to real-world projects, gain hands-on experience, expand your skill base, and learn what it’s like to work remotely. Although not a substitute for a traditional on-site experience, virtual internships can serve as an important stepping stone to build up your skills, resume, and cross-cultural understanding as you work with colleagues from across the U.S. and potentially the globe – a great foundation for future internships on site.

What to Expect:

  • Language: English
  • Average Courseload: 140-290 contact hours
  • GPA Requirement: 2.5
  • Visa Requirements: NONE Required!


  • Gain on-the-job experience without leaving your home - and earn credit!
  • Flexible schedule - complete your desired hours over 8 weeks
  • Virtual La Vida Local experiences to connect you to New York City
  • Regular check-ins and support from CIS Abroad and your Site Director
  • Innovative Pre-Departure and Post-Program Seminars to build professional skills

Internship Placements

Finance - Virtual internships available in New York

Below are a few sample Finance - Virtual placements undertaken by past participants. There are many more possibilities, as each placement is customized. Contact an advisor to learn more!

Other countries with Finance - Virtual internships
<h4>Intern at NYC Financial Tech Startup</h4>

Intern at NYC Financial Tech Startup

Jump into the highly innovative fintech industry, working with a startup in New York that uses technology to provide financial services to fast growth firms in their planning and capital-raising. You’ll perform software quality assurance, assist with documentation processing, and conduct competitive analysis.

<h4>Intern at Independent Finance Services Company</h4>

Intern at Independent Finance Services Company

Support a company in the heart of the World Financial Center in NYC and gain exposure to all aspects of the industry, from sales and marketing to portfolio management and compliance. You’ll monitor the major economic indicators, screen different markets using technical and statistical indicators, perform legal research on securities rules and regulations, as well as support the sales department with research and client development.

IT & Computer Systems - Virtual internships available in New York

Below are a few sample IT & Computer Systems - Virtual placements undertaken by past participants. There are many more possibilities, as each placement is customized. Contact an advisor to learn more!

Other countries with IT & Computer Systems - Virtual internships
<h4>UX/Web Designer at E-Commerce Company</h4>

UX/Web Designer at E-Commerce Company

Hone your website design skills as you support a company in New York City with expertise in developing e-commerce and m-commerce sites. Learn how to properly design a digital shopping experience for a variety of different industries while you gain firsthand experience and significantly enhance your portfolio. Tasks include research, competitive analysis, user analysis, user flows, user journeys, site map, wireframing, and interaction design.

<h4>Software Engineer at Consulting Firm</h4>

Software Engineer at Consulting Firm

Gain real-world software engineering experience at a thriving boutique DevOps consulting firm in NYC. You’ll work collaboratively with small teams of skilled software engineers to creatively solve problems and explore new technologies. Learn how to build for users, understand how organizations around the world work with data, and solve complex issues for data teams.

Marketing Advertising & PR - Virtual internships available in New York

Below are a few sample Marketing Advertising & PR - Virtual placements undertaken by past participants. There are many more possibilities, as each placement is customized. Contact an advisor to learn more!

Other countries with Marketing Advertising & PR - Virtual internships
<h4>Sales Intern at Industrial Distributor</h4>

Sales Intern at Industrial Distributor

Develop an in-depth understanding of the sales and marketing world while working for an industrial equipment distributor in the automotive industry in New York City. You’ll gain firsthand experience with competitor analysis, opening and closing sales accounts, and building customer relationships.

<h4>Marketing Strategist at NYC Real Estate Firm</h4>

Marketing Strategist at NYC Real Estate Firm

Gain marketing experience while working for a fast-paced company that virtually connects international real estate brokers with new development projects in New York City. Learn firsthand how to build a brand new marketplace. Work with a small team to follow and execute a marketing strategy while building your own professional portfolio.

<h4>Social Marketing at Arab-American Nonprofit</h4>

Social Marketing at Arab-American Nonprofit

Support an Arab-American non-profit organization in NYC in their mission to provide education and professional development resources to their community across the U.S. through social media engagement. You’ll gain experience in managing social media platforms, writing engaging content that appeals to underserved minority students, and recruiting and maintaining a network of student organizations.

Program Details

Your Virtual Experience

Your Virtual Experience - New York City

The Experience

Once you apply and submit your $90 deposit, you’ll have a Skype interview with your CIS Abroad Program Enrollment Coordinator to learn more about your work experience and goals so we can start looking for the best-fit internship placement for you. We’ll also make sure you get pre-departure support to ensure you’re feeling great about your virtual experience. 

Online seminars are a core part of your virtual internship. CIS Abroad teaching assistants, under the supervision of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, provide ongoing support, guidance, and reflection sessions that help you understand your work experience in a cross-cultural context.

About Our Partner


Look forward to “face-to-face” meetings with your host organization supervisor at least once a week to ensure you’re on the same page and get additional feedback and direction on your project. This will also help you practice key skills like facilitating a remote meeting and working with remote colleagues in a cross-cultural setting. Additional, daily communication with your supervisors is expected – you’re already a pro at technology platforms, so this will be second nature to you.


Online seminars are a core part of your virtual internship. CIS Abroad teaching assistants, under the supervision of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, provide ongoing support, guidance, and reflection sessions that help you understand your work experience in a cross-cultural context.


The curriculum is structured around seven main elements:

5 contact hours

You’ll participate in an online, interactive cultural orientation with CIS Abroad staff located in New York City, where your internship organization is based. This orientation will focus on topics such as the impact of the local culture on business etiquette, improving cross-cultural communication skills, and adapting work styles accordingly, giving you tools for success working within that culture.


10 contact hours

You’ll explore each of the four Remote Work modules individually, learning the fundamentals of working in a remote environment and across cultures at the same time. The seminar is followed by an online reflection session with other virtual internship participants, facilitated by a CIS Abroad teaching assistant. You’ll reflect on your learning, share your progress and challenges, and discuss what cultural differences you’ve encountered to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your virtual internship experience. The modules include:

  • Remote Roles & the Future of Work
  • Communication & Client Management
  • Productivity
  • Work-Life Balance

Session 1: 120-240 contact hours | Session 2: 90-180 contact hours

Guided by your on-site supervisor, you’ll work on tasks and assignments that meet the needs of your internship organization. Deliverables are specific, relevant to the industry, demonstrate application of classroom learning, and can be shared with potential future employers. Upon completion of your virtual internship, you’ll produce a final video, presentation, or similar deliverable (to be determined in consultation with your internship supervisor) which presents the outcomes/results of your internship.

Minimum 10 contact hours

This online seminar offers an opportunity to reflect on your personal drivers, values, and how you want to be perceived as professionals entering the workforce. You’ll also be exposed to the critical skills necessary for the dynamic future of work, including communication, networking, and technology.

Minimum 10 contact hours

While we’re familiar with our own culture, what happens when we shift across cultures and the rules suddenly seem to change? From the entrepreneur seeking to launch a product in a different country, to the U.S.-based engineer working on product design with counterparts in India, to the social worker assisting individuals from a range of backgrounds – the exposure to other cultures is all around us. To be successful in navigating both international and domestic cultural differences, you need an understanding of what culture is, how it affects your interactions with others, and what skills you must develop in order to be successful intercultural leaders.

10 contact hours

CIS Abroad site directors will facilitate live cross-cultural debriefing sessions each week via remote learning technology. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss in real time, with staff in-country, what is happening in your virtual internship placements; come to understand the whys behind the culturally-based interactions you’re having; and learn what other virtual interns are working on and experiencing.

Minimum of 5 contact hours

CIS Abroad teaching assistants will guide you in individual reflection, utilizing the STARR framework: Situation, Task, Action, Result, Relates*. This process shows you how: a) to translate your experience into content for your digital profile and augment your self brand; b) to frame your experience for potential employers; and c) these experiences are transferable to other fields – helping you articulate your experience in order to increase employability.

Session 1: 170-290 total contact hours
Session 2: 140-230 total contact hours

Virtual Intern for Credit

Want to earn 3 credits for your virtual internship? We can do that!

A respected New Hampshire university, Plymouth State University is CIS Abroad’s accrediting partner for internship programs. Plymouth State University is a NEASC accredited institution with over 20 years of experience awarding internship credit both domestically and internationally. Plymouth State University has been nationally recognized for its commitment to the environment and for innovative programs that are making an impact both regionally and globally.

Learn more about interning for credit through Plymouth State University here.

Why Virtual Life in New York City

A densely populated metropolis sitting where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic, more than 8 million people call New York City home. New York City’s reputation as a cultural and business capital attracts a global mix of people, startups, and organizations – all looking for new and creative ways to grow their presence. Experiencing NYC virtually will set you up for success as soon as you can visit. From a drone borough tour that shows you NYC from the Bronx to Battery Park, to exploring a 3D version of the city, your comfort in learning the Big Apple will last. 

Though you’ll be interning virtually, building a connection to your host location will be easier than you think. Access to the greatest museums is easier than ever, from the Guggenheim to the Natural History Museum. Appreciate the beauty of Central Park with a guided virtual tour and take in all the famous (and hidden gem) landmarks from the New York Landmarks Conservancy video series.

Live La Vida Local

  • Virtual Street Art Mural Tour

    NYC is known for being a blank canvas for street artists, from Keith Haring to Banksy. Explore these beautiful works in 360 degrees.

  • Film Life

    Learn about the New York Latino Film Festival and watch featured shorts, films, and documentaries

  • History Buff Heaven

    Learn about the more than 350 oral histories from New Yorkers on the Coney Island History Project’s website

What's Included


  • CIS Abroad advising support throughout placement process and duration of internship experience
  • Support pursuing university credit (optional)
  • Pre-Departure and Post-Program seminars to set you up for success
  • Daily/weekly check-ins with host organization supervisor
  • Internship Placement Confirmation Guide, which lays out the project work and outcome of the remote internship
  • Opportunity to present end-of-program project results to supervisor and/or remote organization
  • Working Virtually Across Cultures digital credential
  • Access to Insta LIVE: On-Site Culture Sessions
  • Virtual La Vida Local Online Series

Your Support Staff

Global Advising Team
Michelle Everard

Dates & Prices


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Additional Information:

CIS Abroad reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or fee changes made by our partner universities.