Pre-Veterinary Virtual Internship

Fall 2021
Spring 2021
Summer 2021

Advance your veterinary career with live animal experience and virtual training.

The Pre-Veterinary Virtual Internships are ideal for students who are pre-vet or animal science majors, looking for relevant training that will help you build the skills you need to be a competitive vet school applicant. The Pre-Vet Virtual Internships provide exclusive opportunities to engage with unique animals and highly qualified vets around the world. You can choose an option based in Chiang Mai, Thailand working with dogs and cats, or an option with varied learning experiences in a conference call setting from Belize to South Africa. In both options you will be part of a special group that will be observing medical procedures of all kinds while making connections with peers and animal experts that will help inform and shape your career path.

What to Expect:

  • Language: English
  • Average Courseload: 40-60 hours of vet shadowing per 3 week session (no academic credit available)
  • GPA Requirement: None
  • Visa Requirements: NONE Required!


  • Veterinary shadowing experience
  • Observe live veterinarian-led surgeries, exams, and other clinical experiences
  • Engage with like-minded peers and vet professionals in a small virtual class setting
  • Opportunities to work with small animals, aquatics, exotic animals, and more
  • Gain international work experience from the comfort of your home

Program Details


The Experience

This is truly a virtual experience unlike any other. Through your Pre-Vet Virtual Internship, you will join peers in weekly scheduled sessions where you will be able to learn through observation and connection with local veterinarians working with animals around the world, primarily in shelter and sanctuary settings.

Under each placement description, you will find more information about the organizations, animals, and the instructors that you will be observing. You’ll also see a detailed schedule of the class times and any other pertinent information.

No matter which project you choose you are sure to gain invaluable clinical pre-vet experience to help you further your career in veterinary science and decide where you want to focus your veterinary education.

Not a pre-vet student but still want to participate? You are also welcome; we’ve hosted animal science, biology, wildlife, pre med, applied science majors and more!

The only requirement is that you have Internet fast enough for a video call (minimum 1Mbps) and a computer with video playback, microphone, and sound.

About Our Partner

CIS Abroad is partnered with Loop Abroad to deliver these pre-vet virtual internship programs. Loop Abroad is dedicated to providing the best experience for students pursuing careers working with animals. In partnering with world-renowned conservationists, Loop Abroad can both support global animal welfare and protect endangered animals while offering students unprecedented opportunities for hands-on and unique observational experience.


Program fees are in U.S. dollars and include the following:

  • Online tuition and fees
  • Academic advising
  • Financial aid counseling
  • Online support

Animal Rescue Virtual Internship in Thailand

Learn and support small animal care working with a cat shelter and dog rescue clinic and sanctuary based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Join experienced local vets as they demonstrate real-world clinical skills, caring for  cats and dogs in need and in turn, supporting the local Chiang Mai community.

This experience will provide you with an up-close shadowing opportunity where the vet is specifically motivated to teach you and make sure you understand the contact. You’ll observe clinical practices as well as gain an understanding of shelter medicine practices in a developing country and see common issues and how they are treated.


This is the perfect placement to learn about small animal care. During your program you will work with both the Adopt Meow Cat Shelter and Dog Rescue Clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Adapt Meow Cat Shelter
Adapt Meow is a special clinic that cares for stray cats and kittens and is run completely on donations.

Through the work of the volunteers and vets, Adapt Meow Cat Shelter has moved more stray cats and kittens from the streets into their forever homes.

Dog Rescue Clinic
This clinic provides care for the dogs in the Chiang Mai community whose families who are unable to afford care. They provide free physical exams, flea treatments, eye treatments, and spay and neuter surgeries.

Description of Work Experience

This program is full of unique learning opportunities. See below for a description of the work that you will be observing and the topics that you will be learning about throughout your program.

Adopt Meow Cat Shelter
At this center, you’ll observe and discuss the following clinical skills used by tending veterinarians as they treat their patients:

  • Cat and dog shelter design, managing infectious diseases and quarantine protocols.
  • Common cat and dog infections in tropical environments
  • Cat restraint and human safety
  • Physical exam techniques for cats and what to look for
  • Preventative medicine for kittens and adult cats, including how to identify a cat’s ages and sex
  • Blood collection and FIV/FeLV/FIP tests
  • Collecting and processing feline skin, fecal, and ear samples

Dog Rescue Clinic
At this center, you’ll observe and discuss the following clinical skills used by tending veterinarians as they treat their patients::

  • Canine behavior and restraint
  • Stray dogs in Thailand, including a special focus on dogs that live at Buddhist temples where monks feed them. We visit to provide vaccines and treatments.
  • Canine physical exams
  • SOAP notes
  • Skin and ear samples
  • Cytology and identification of common skin diseases in Thailand
  • Blood draw techniques, blood smears, and hematocrit tests
  • Fecal floats
  • Disabled dogs and their treatment
  • A visit to a Thai animal hospital

Spay and neuter week:
The final week will focus on surgical techniques. This is a unique opportunity to learn from our instructor and team as they explain the why and how of what they are doing as they perform surgeries live. During this week, you’ll cover:

  • Anesthesia
  • Reproductive anatomy
  • Suture patterns
  • Sterile gloving techniques and surgery instruments
  • Drug dose calculations, fluid calculations
  • Canine and feline spay and neuter techniques
  • Post-operative exams and follow-up care
  • Role of sterilizations, fostering, and adoption

Meeting times and other important details

Meeting times are Monday through Friday 9-11pm ET

You’ll be shadowing the veterinary team by video call at the times above. All interns have access to the veterinary team to ask questions and get one-on-one mentorship.

Enrollment is rolling and sessions will close as soon as they fill. If a session is full it will be noted in the Prices and Dates section below.

This internship includes 40 virtual veterinary shadowing hours.

If you complete this internship you will earn a Certificate in Companion Animal Management in Rescue and Shelter Environments from Loop Abroad.

Support Staff/Instructors

Animal Rescue Interns will be mentored and supervised over interactive video calls in English by our passionate and dedicated team:

Dr. Pijitra Seeta (“Dr Eve”) is the Loop Abroad Clinic Manager and an experienced small animal vet with many years of experience at the Elephant Nature Park dog and cat shelter which takes care of over 1000 animals.

Kitiya Pinmaneenopparat (“P Kay”), is the Thailand Country Director, and before her years of service with Loop Abroad, she was a Language and Culture Trainer for the U.S. Peace Corps.

Vets Around the World Virtual Internship

Experience the world of veterinary medicine with live demonstrations caring for elephants, koalas, toucans, big cats, sloths, horses, crocodiles, raptors and more. Meet and learn from expert veterinarians in Thailand, Costa Rica, Belize, and South Africa.

Spend the weekday evenings in Thailand with your teaching veterinarian at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai as you study dogs, cats, and elephants and their care in a sanctuary setting. Each weekend you will ‘journey’ to a new virtual location where you will engage with different animals and learn about specialized veterinary topics.


During the week you will join the Thai veterinary team at the Elephant Nature Park as they care for the over 2,000 animals that need constant care and support.

Each morning (our evening) you will observe as they head out to care for the animals.

They will also be visiting nearby cat and dog rescues, shelters, and clinics as they are needed.

On weekends you travel virtually around the world!

Every Saturday and Sunday, you’ll join a conference call and meet a new expert veterinarian from Costa Rica, Belize, South Africa, Australia, and the USA. Each day you will be introduced to a new area of veterinary medicine and have the opportunity to soak up the veterinarian’s passion and knowledge.

The conference calls include:

  • Rainforest Wildlife Rescue and Medicine in Costa Rica
  • Australian Wildlife Medicine in Australia
  • Big Cat Care and Enrichment in South Africa
  • Crocodiles and Manatee Rescue in Belize
  • Avian Medicine in Belize
  • Equine Medicine in the USA

This program will provide you with a wide range of learning opportunities from practices and with animals from around the world. See below for a description of the work that you will be observing and the topics that you will be learning about throughout your program.

Elephant Nature Park
Week 1: Discovering dogs in Thailand
Week 2: Caring for cats in Thailand
Week 3: Exploring elephants in Thailand
Please note: the order of the animals may change but all will be covered. Other animals in need might also show up!

Conferences include:

  • Live facility tours and an introduction to the project
  • Live demonstrations of training and medical techniques
  • Live discussions
  • Recorded on-site content to showcase particular cases with a live Q&A and debrief session.
  • Supplementary learning materials on the animals and cases you’ll explore
  • Breaks from live video calls so you can stand up, move around, eat, etc

Each conference will be recorded in full and shared if you are unable to make all or part of a session.

See below for the topics covered in each weekend conference:

Rainforest Wildlife Rescue and Medicine in Costa Rica

Visit the Toucan Rescue Ranch that is home to rescued toucans, sloths, owls, parrots, foxes, tamanduas, and monkeys. Located on over 40-cares of property and hosts over 170 species with their own Release Site.

The day is spent with the husbandry team and the veterinary team. The husbandry team will introduce you to the animals currently being rehabilitated and learn about the techniques used to prepare them for life in the wild.

Follow the veterinary team as they care for the medical cases in the clinic that day which could include anything from wound management, burns, physical therapy, surgeries, and evaluation- you might even see an animal ready for release!

Australian Wildlife Medicine in Australia
Spend the day at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park with Dr. Chloe Buiting and her team learning about the conservation and medicine of native Australian wildlife. Follow along as the veterinary and husbandry team teaches you about echidnas, dingoes, kangaroos, possums, wallabies and of course, koalas. Many of the koalas under her care were victims of the 2020 fires.

This is an incredible opportunity to learn about unique wildlife care and speak to Dr. Chloe about her career pathway to understand what steps to take if you’re interested in wildlife medicine.

Big Cat Care and Enrichment in South Africa
Join the Park Manager of the Lory Park Zoo in Johannesburg, South Africa to learn about research and enrichment as a way to improve the lives of animals in zoos and rescues. Through expert training you will take your understanding of animal behavior to the next level, sharpening your eyes to notice subtle body language and behaviors. All in an effort to use evidence to be able to set new best practices in animal welfare.

You’ll learn about the different ways that enrichment can be done and how to give every species the attention that it requires to effectively change their environment. You’ll focus on black-footed cats, which are the smallest African cat and endemic to Southern Africa.

Crocodiles and Manatee Research in Belize
Spend the day at the Placencia Lagoon with Dr. Marisa Tellez, an internationally recognized crocodile conservation expert. You’ll have access to the site where the Crocodile Research Center (CRC) conducts scientific research on the management and conservation of crocodiles, their habitat, and adjacent species. The CRC rehabilitates injured crocodiles and serves as a permanent home for those crocodiles that cannot be released in the wild. These crocodiles often become ambassadors in educating the public on the value of improved government protections for their home ecosystem.

You’ll learn about crocodile husbandry, conservation, rehabilitation and research. From the biology, physiology and immunology of crocodiles to low-stress training methods geared towards building trusting relationships, this conference day is sure to expand your knowledge on these unique species.
To conclude the day Dr. Tellez will show you how drone technology is used by researchers to learn more about crocodile and manatee ecology, and discuss protocol for conducting necropsies.

Avian Medicine in Belize
Enjoy a day at the Belize Raptor Center (BRC), a jungle sanctuary for transient rehabilitated and non-releasable raptors meant to help them thrive in their natural habitat.

Due to the secluded nature of the Belize Raptor Center (BRC), this is truly a once-in-a lifetime experience. This exclusive experience is brought to you by renewable energy powered by rain and solar.

You’ll start the day in field lectures with Dr. Amy Roches, an Avian Veterinarian and Sarah Mann, the founder of the Center. You’ll learn about initial avian intake, physical exams and assessments, fluid therapy, avian fractures, wound care, and common medical conditions. You’ll also get to watch live demonstrations of blood draws, fecals and x-rays!

You’ll end the day with two live demonstrations. First, you’ll watch Dr. Amy perform a live necropsy, while she walks you through the anatomy and physiology of the avian respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. Then you’ll get to view a second demonstration which includes a raptor physical therapy, pre-condition, and release of the transient patients of the clinic.

Equine Medicine in the USA
The Equine Medicine Conference is led by veterinary anesthesiologist, Lori Bidwell. You’ll spend the day with Dr. Bidwell who is the co-founder of the East-West Equine Sports Medicine, a diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesiologists, and a certified veterinary acupuncturist and massage therapist. You’ll have access to pre-recorded lectures on:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Physical exams and preventative medicine
  • Equine sports medicine and equine musculoskeletal exams
  • Integrative Medicine including acupuncture, massage laser therapy, extracorporeal shock wave therapy

You will also view live demonstrations of these concepts above as you shadow Dr. Bidwell and her team as they work through cases and provide treatments to sport horses in the clinic that day.

Meeting times and other important details

Monday to Friday: 9pm-11pm ET

Saturdays and Sunday: 5-hour workshops. Times range from 8am-1pm ET to noon-5pm ET depending on the time zone of the host veterinary team!

What if I can’t attend some or all of the sessions?
All sessions will be recorded so that participants who can’t attend live can watch on their own time. You must attend at least 70% of the live sessions in order to earn the program certificate.

Why the late night sessions on weekdays?
When it’s evening in the US, it’s morning in Thailand. You’re joining the morning veterinary rounds!

Dates & Prices

  • Application Deadline: Jun 12
  • Arrival: June 14
  • Departure: July 2
  • Price: $895
  • Application Deadline: Jul 10
  • Arrival: July 12
  • Departure: August 1
  • Price: $895
  • Application Deadline: Jun 12
  • Arrival: June 14
  • Departure: August 1
  • Price: $1,495
Additional Information:

CIS Abroad reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or fee changes made by our partner universities.