Summer Business Study + Intern at University College Dublin

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Dial up your life while dialing in your career

Make friends from around the world, soak up Irish culture, see some spectacular scenery, study business at a top ranked university, and undertake an international internship. This program will encourage you achieve your potential in so many aspects! Embrace new challenges every week that will stretch you academically and professionally. Enjoy social and cultural experiences every weekend that will contribute to your personal growth. With summer days in Ireland being as long as they are, you can see and do more in a couple months than you thought was possible! That summer lifeguard gig just lost all its luster…

What to Expect:

  • Language: English
  • Average Courseload: 2 courses (6 US credits)
  • GPA Requirement: 3.0
  • Visa Requirements: NONE Required!


  • University ranked in top 1% globally, plus AACSB accreditation
  • Real-world experience interning with a locally-based host organization
  • Robust social and cultural program that includes trips most weekends
  • Full access to a big, beautiful campus just outside central Dublin
  • Summer programs enroll students from around the world, providing a multi-cultural environment

Program Details


Business Study + Intern in Dublin

The Experience

As part of the  Study + Intern experience, you’ll participate in a professional business internship placement. You’ll intern under guidance and supervision of a Dublin area host organization, be it a start-up, small-to-medium sized business, non-profit, or the branch of a multi-national enterprise. Placements take into consideration the needs of host organizations to provide you with practical and engaging work experience.

Your placement will be determined by your areas of interest, as well as your employment history, academic background, and the skills required for the role. Many of the roles available are project-based and may span multiple specialties.

The following are some example placement fields or specialties:

  • Accounting
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Event Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Marketing

University College Dublin

Founded in 1854, University College Dublin (UCD) is Ireland’s largest and most internationalized university. UCD draws students from around the world, certainly due in part to its rank in the top 1% of higher education institutions world-wide. While the University draws on its traditions, it has a forward-facing vision that emphasizes innovation and sustainability.

UCD hosts hundreds of students during the summer, ensuring that there is always something happening on campus. You will have access to all of the facilities that UCD has to offer, including its student center, gym, cinema, and shops. UCD boasts a modern campus in the heart of a leafy, affluent residential area on Dublin’s Southside. When you want to pop into town, Dublin is just about 20 minutes by bus, from which the rest of Ireland is also easily accessible!

Accreditation: Officially recognized by the Department of Education and Skills of Ireland. Currently one of 100 schools worldwide to hold triple accreditation by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA.

Areas of study with at least 2 classes available

  • Business

Don't see your major listed here? There may still be courses available. Browse our programs by major.

Study + Intern

This unique program combines two courses with a six week internship, leading to exceptional academic and professional learning outcomes.


As a participant of this program, you’ll undertake an internship for six weeks. You’ll intern Monday through Thursday, logging approximately 28 hours each week. The internship will encourage you to apply your academic learning in a practical context, building upon what you learn in class, and vice-versa. Please see the “Internship” tab for placement specifics.


Courses are short but intensive, typically meeting for multiple hours each day for the first week, with a few days scattered later into the program. One course is considered a core course, while you can choose from available electives for the other course.

Course Offerings

Note: The following were on offer in 2022 and provide a good indication of what to expect for 2023.

Core course
BMGT30280 Ireland’s International Business Environment (Syllabus for 2022)

Elective courses (pick one)
FIN30510 Global Sustainable Finance (Syllabus for 2022)
HRM30130 Responsible Management, Sustainability and Society (Syllabus for 2022)

Why Life in Dublin

For the largest city in Ireland, Dublin often feels like a small town with a big heart. Divided by the River Liffey, Dublin is indeed the cultural and commercial capital of the country. The city is also becoming a cultural center of Europe, and economic prosperity has attracted people from across the globe. Young people have flocked to the city; half of the population of “Dubs” is under 30 years old.

Despite the city’s newfound multiculturalism, you’ll still find the quintessential Irish experience you’re seeking. On every corner, you can stroll into dusty, bustling pubs where musicians croon time-honored classics. The Irish aren’t stingy with their cultural treasures, and they love sharing a “chin-wag” (friendly conversation) with a perfect stranger. The resulting blend of old and new creates a vibrant atmosphere.

Spend the day reading Oscar Wilde on St. Stephen’s Green or try your hand at hurling. Visit fantastic museums (most of which are free) or window shop on Grafton St. Take in an All-Ireland Gaelic Football Final at Croke Park or crisscross the many bridges over the River Liffey. Come evening, explore the Temple Bar area or seek out the best traditional music. Once you have a Leap Card, Dublin’s public transportation is easy to navigate.

Look forward to meeting your new friends at The Spire and delving into everything Dublin offers. You’re going to love your Irish home.

Live The Local Life

  • Food Festivals

    Ireland has undergone a food revolution in the last twenty years. Try out the Farmers’ markets where you get the best meat, cheese, milk, butter, yoghurt, and juices.

  • Ceili

    Men and women of all ages love to dance in Ireland. When you go to a Ceili the adrenaline goes up a notch as people dance to old "reels." Try out the "Siege of Ennis" dance for the greatest workout you will ever have.

  • Hurling and Gaelic Football

    Yes, Ireland has two sports of its own. Go to both and you will not be disappointed.

  • Greyhound Racing

    While it is said that the locals live by the three “H’s”: Hounds, Horses, and Hurling. Dog racing is a fan favorite. At the races you can expect to meet with people of a variety of backgrounds.

  • Writers’ Tour

    For a modest price, you can experience the lives and neighborhoods of some of Ireland’s best writers. The stunning coastal village of Dalkey outside of Dublin is excellent.

On-Campus Apartments


Housing is in shared on-campus apartments comprising four individual (private) bedrooms with two shared bathrooms. Communal kitchens and living spaces are shared in each apartment with access to kitchen utensils and cooking facilities. Bed linen is supplied and changed weekly. Wi-fi is available in the apartments and throughout campus.


Communal kitchens and living spaces are shared in each apartment with access to kitchen utensils and cooking facilities.

Inclusions and Amenities

  • 24-hour security
  • BathroomShared
  • Bed linens
  • Private Room
  • Wi-Fi

What's Included


Program fees are in U.S. dollars and include the following:

  • Cultural activities and excursions
  • Full-time tuition and fees
  • Housing
  • Medical and accident insurance
  • CIS Abroad support services before, during, and after the program
  • UCD campus access
  • Academic advising
  • Financial aid counseling
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Official transcript
  • The Local Life cultural program

Welcome & Orientation

Upon arrival you’ll be collected from the airport and taken to your accommodation. In the first few days you’ll take part in a university and/or CIS Abroad orientation program. You’ll learn how to get around campus and how to make the most of your time in Ireland.

Farewell & Re-Entry Program

As the program draws to a close, we’ll gather everybody together for a farewell meal. We’ll help you reflect on your experience and prepare you for cultural differences you’ll experience as you return home (reverse culture shock is no joke!).

Program Excursions

While participating on a CIS Abroad program, you'll be able to take part in built-in day trips at no additional cost. These trips are subject to change from term to term; listed below are excursions that have run in the past.
Cultural and Social Program

Cultural and Social Program

While you’ll certainly have a good bit to stay busy with, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet people and explore Ireland! Cultural and social activities include a comprehensive orientation, evening gatherings like BBQs, and field trips that you’re free to join most weekends. Plus, most Fridays are free of school and internship obligations, so you can participate in an organized activity or do your own thing.

Some past UCD School of Business organized trips include Causey Farms, Riverdance, Ireland’s West Coast, and Northern Ireland.

Site Director

Karina Tarrat Byrne
Travel Tip:

Travel with an open heart and an open mind. Temporarily step away from your own culture to experience something new.

Travel Tip:

Travel with an open heart and an open mind. Temporarily step away from your own culture to experience something new.


Karina was born in Ireland where she lived until she was 16, when her family relocated to New York. She finished high school in New York and continued on to college where she completed her undergraduate degree. She subsequently returned to Ireland to pursue a master’s degree.

Having experienced education in different countries herself, a career in study abroad really appealed to her. Prior to joining CIS Abroad, she spent several years working for the Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University. In her previous role, Karina was in charge of student orientations, cultural programming, general onsite logistics and student support services.

She is excited to once again have the opportunity to introduce participants to Ireland and its culture, history, and beauty. Having been a visiting student herself, she knows she can relate to many of the experiences and difficulties students have as they settle in to life abroad, and she is looking forward to helping our participants have a wonderful time in Ireland!

Your Support Staff

Syd O
Travel Tip:

Make sure to explore the city that you’re in! Although the beauty of study abroad is you have the chance to travel all over the country and to other countries as well, sometimes people forget how many amazing things there are right there in the city they’re studying in! Make some local friends, participate in holidays and festivals, find that local beloved restaurant. Although I have many travel memories to talk about, some of my fondest or most nostalgic moments I have were the ‘in betweens’ so to speak – going grocery shopping with friends, hanging out in the school courtyard at night when the temperature outside was finally bearable, saying hello to the neighborhood cow (yes, there was in fact a neighborhood cow). Don’t neglect what you have right in front of you!

Advising and Enrollment
Travel Tip:

You’ll be supported every step of the way!


Kaylee Klinger, our student advisor and 2x CIS Abroad alum, can help match you with a program that fits your academic and personal objectives. It’s not always an easy choice, but you can’t go wrong! Once you’ve decided, we’ll guide to you submit an online application.


Once you’ve submitted your initial application and the fee, you’ll be assigned a Program Enrollment Coordinator. We’ll work closely together to guide you through the enrollment process and prepare you for a life-changing experience!

Dates & Prices

ADVISOR TIP: Please WAIT to book flights until you have received confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork. Dates posted here are subject to change.

  • Application Deadline: Mar 1 (Estimated)
  • Arrival: May 28 (Estimated)
  • Departure: July 24 (Estimated)
  • Price: $11,990 (Estimated)
Additional Information:

As with all study abroad programs, you should count on a few additional expenses.

CIS Abroad reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or fee changes made by our partner universities.