Natural & Applied Sciences
Enhance your resume and gain a new perspective and exposure by studying or interning abroad in Natural Sciences! Study or work alongside professionals and academics in any number of industries/fields, such as: Actuarial Science, Aeronautics / Aviation, Agriculture, Animal Science, Astronomy & Space Science, Biology, Botany & Plant Studies, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Conservation, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Geography, Geology, Marine & Aquatic Biology, Physics, Sustainable Development, Zoology, and more!
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Student Feedback
Studying abroad in Thailand has challenged my most basic assumptions about tourism, society, and identity. It has been the best four months of my life.
Ben Beaty — Ohio University
The great thing about being an intern in Barcelona is that I was able to work in a different country. CISabroad did an amazing job pairing me up for my internship. As a hospitality and tourism management major, we learn a lot about hotels and restaurants in the classroom but my internship was marketing for an award winning hostel chain. This gave me the chance to learn about the industry in a different way and it really opened my eyes to what is out there.
Sasha Romanoff — University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Pack an open mind with you! When traveling, you are faced with so much 'new' all at once that uncomfortable often becomes the new comfortable. No worries though - it keeps things exciting!
Ali Mowers — Shippensburg University