Program Overview

Turn “The City of Light” into your classroom during your Semester in Paris. Admire the intricate beauty of Notre Dame, sit and read in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, or practice your French at a local patisserie on the way to class. Semester in Paris is perfect for every level of French speaker, from beginners to advanced. You’ll study at the Institut Catholique de Paris with expert professors and fellow study abroad students. Soak up all that Paris has to offer, and consider exploring impressive sites nearby such as Versailles and Fontainebleau. Additionally, this program offers an exclusive bonus: a weekend excursion to another fabulous location in France! What are you waiting for? Saisis le moment!

GPA Requirement
Application Deadlines
Fall: May 1
Spring: October 15
Avg Course Load
4-6 Courses (15-18 US credits)
Language(s) of Instruction
French and English

Key Program Highlights

  • Multiple excursions and cultural activities show you the best of Paris and beyond
  • French language and culture courses available, as well as limited courses taught in English
  • French classes tailored to your proficiency, whether beginner or advanced
  • Clubs and activities offered by the Institut Catholique de Paris
  • Apartments located in a traditional French neighborhood

Your Journey Begins Here

  • Connect with your Global Advisor to start planning. Apply by the application deadline.

  • Meet your Program Coordinator to finalize acceptance paperwork, housing, courses, flights, visas, payments, etc. Attend a pre-departure orientation.

  • Fly away. You'll be greeted at the airport, participate in a robust On-site Orientation and La Vida Local Curriculum with your Site Director.

Life in Paris

Welcome and Orientation

Upon arrival you’ll take part in both the university and CISabroad orientation program. You’ll learn the “do’s and don’ts” of life in Paris, like how to get around by public transportation, how to stay safe, what to do in case of an emergency and who to contact if you have any questions. We’ll also tell you all about our favorite places in town (restaurants, museums, markets etc). Oh, and you’ll join in on a welcome meal, something traditional and yummy so that you can start to taste the local flavor.

Farewell and Re-entry Program

Though you’re not an astronaut returning from space, re-entering your home culture after being abroad can be shocking to the system. We’ll walk you through some of the things to expect, rehash your time abroad so that you can remember the highlights and, yep, we’ll feed you again as part of our farewell to France.

Housing Options

Your housing in Paris is approximately a 30-minute commute to campus via public transportation. You’ll live in off-campus shared apartments, with single or double occupancy rooms in traditional French neighborhoods with modern living arrangements.

The following list of amenities are included in the housing:

  • Fully outfitted kitchens, including appliances, pots and pans, dishes and dining implements in each apartment
  • Washing machine and drying racks in apartment; no dryer (Parisians don’t use them!)
  • Fast and reliable hi-speed wifi in each apartment
  • Regular cleaning services
  • Clean, comfortable linens and towels included
  • Bed Sizes: (90cm x 200cm)
  • A dining table and chairs
  • Living area with soft seating
  • On-line, on-call maintenance service
  • Renters’ insurance
parisienne buildings on street corner

Local Life

  • Sacré-Cœur Basilica: Take a view on the city in front of Sacré-Cœur Basilica, discover small streets of the Montmartre hill and grab a coffee at the Café des 2 Moulins - café of Amélie Poulain.
  • Canal Saint-Martin: Take a walk at Parc des Buttes-Chaumont and have a picnic at Canal Saint-Martin.
  • Jardin des Plantes: Relax at Jardin des Plantes and take a mint tea at the Grand Mosque de Paris.

More About Paris

Paris is famous for its romantic atmosphere, rich history, and incredible influence on fashion, design, art, cuisine, and culture. While in Paris, you can visit iconic structures like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, or Sacré-Cœur in the neighborhood of Montmartre. Be sure to check out the many museums, art galleries, gardens, and monuments around the city. After strolling down a Parisian street by day, go out and experience the city’s famous nightlife!

With roughly 12 million residents, the comprehensive public transport system makes it easy to get around. Additionally, the unique layout of the streets and districts form a clockwise spiral out from the city center. The "quartiers" of Paris create a checkerboard of culture that awaits your exploration. You'll feel a sense of community wandering past their local shops, bakeries, cafes, and markets. Enjoy your time in "The City of Light" getting to know what it's like to live as a true Parisian.

Program Excursions

While participating on a CISabroad program, you'll be able to take part in built-in weekend and day trips at no additional cost. These trips are subject to change from term to term; listed below are excursions that have run in the past.

3-Day Trip to Côte d’Azur

Surrounded by Riviera neighbors like aristocratic Monaco, red-carpet Cannes and resort town Saint-Tropez, Nice will seduce you by the beauty of its neighborhoods, fabulous markets, an enticing old town, glorious architecture and internationally renowned gastronomy. We will explore its most important monuments, churches, gardens and the footpaths that link the surrounding hillside to the old town. During this three-day trip, we will also explore the breathtaking Monaco and take a coastal cruise in order to visit other pearls of French Riviera such as Cannes and Saint-Tropez.

2-day Trip to Rennes and Mont Saint Michel

Spend a day in the amazing city of Rennes whose history goes back more than 2,000 years and which is recently named by L'Express as "the most livable city in France". On the following day, you will go to the Mont-Saint-Michel, a magical island topped by a gravity-defying medieval monastery. One of Europe’s major pilgrimage destinations for centuries, this holy mount is one of the most unforgettable and stunning sights in Europe, set in the bay where the regions of Normandy and Brittany merge.

Boat Cruise on the Canal Saint Martin

A cruise from the Parc de la Villette to the Musée d’Orsay will allow us to experience the atmosphere of "Parisians’ Paris." This cruise, commented by a guide, combines not only some of the landmarks of the City of Lights, but also some more secret sides of Paris. It will take us through four double locks with swirling waters and two swing bridges. We will share the pleasure of the walkers strolling along the banks of the Canal Saint Martin lined with pretty boutiques and charming cafés and slide under the mysterious and spectacular vault of the Bastille.


GPA Requirement

If you find your GPA is lower than the requirement listed at the top of this page, do not despair! Get in touch to let us know your situation. In many cases, there are additional application materials that you can submit to make your case for acceptance.

How to Choose Your Courses

Now the fun part! You get to pick the courses you will take abroad. Review the course information on this page and once you’ve decided which courses you want to take. Fill out the CISabroad Course Selection Worksheet in your online portal.

Course Approval

Make sure to talk with your home university about course approval and get additional classes approved before you go abroad. For example, if you are taking 4 classes abroad, we recommend getting 8 approved. This gives you some flexibility in setting up your class schedule. Think about courses required for your major, but also courses that fulfill your elective requirements.

Choose your courses, making sure to get them approved by your home university and then fill out the Course Selection Worksheet.

Course Information

On the Semester in Paris program, you will live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world while taking a variety of courses at the Institut Catholique de Paris.

Course load: First, choose the number of course hours that work for your academic level and schedule. Students take either 18 hours (equal to roughly 15 US Credits, generally a 4 or 5-course semester schedule) or 21 hours (equal to roughly 16-18 US credits, generally a 5 or 6 course semester schedule). See the prices and dates tab to compare program fees for the 18 and 21 hour options.

All students must take at least 6-12 hours of French language instruction (based on level, see below), and can choose to fill their remaining 18 or 21 credit hours with additional French instruction or electives instructed in either French or English.

General French:

Depending on your level, students must register for at least 6 credit hours of French language instruction.

Beginners (A1-A2) must take at least 12 hours of “General French” per week.

French Courses by Skill:

Higher level French speakers (A2-C2) can take “French Courses by Skill” that are divided into Oral French, Phonetics, and Written French. Each of these are 3 credit hours each.

French Subject Courses:

Conducted in French, there are approximately 6 out of 25 of these courses offered per semester that range in subject matter but are designed for upper level students interested in taking courses instructed in French. All French Subject Courses are 3 hours per week each (in a 12-week semester that equal 36 in-class hours) and span the following fields:

Contemporary Art
Fashion in France
Contemporary French Cinema
Politics and Economics in France & Europe
Philosophy in France
Culture and Gastronomy in France Cultural Studies
Discovering French Culture Cultural Studies
French Women and Fashion Film Studies
Paris in French Cinema
French Language & Literature (Elementary)

English Courses:

Also offered are civilisation courses instructed in English, which are 4 credit hours each (approximately 3 US credits).

These courses cover History, Humanities, Literature, Research, Art History, International Relations, Politics, and Cinema to name a few.

The English elective courses offered for the Fall 2017 term are (click the title for syllabus):

Great Authors in French Cinema
The European Union Today
Architecture in a Changing World : Paris 1789-1914
Fashion in France 18th – 21st century

The English elective courses offered for the Spring 2018 term are (click the title for syllabus):

Great Authors in French Cinema
The European Union Today
Architecture in a Changing World : Paris 1789-1914
Fashion in France 18th – 21st century
NEW! French Society and Diversity: 20th and 21st Centuries (syllabus coming soon)

The University

Be a Parisian for a semester at the Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP). A respected, private university, ICP is located near the Latin Quarter of this dazzling city. This spot is famously known as the college-town neighborhood of the capital. Life might be bustling outside the campus, but the Institut's front archway leads you to a pleasantly secluded quadrangle encircled by the college's stunning buildings. ICP was built on the site of a 17th-century convent, creating a place of serenity and learning.

The university library, known as Bibliothèque de Fels, occupies two floors and has at least 600,000 volumes with 280 readers desks. The Institut instructs in both French and English. Choose to improve your French or take courses in your major. Additionally, you can learn more about local culture by taking a courses in French fashion, gastronomy, cinema, fine art, European politics, and more. Studying at ICP gives you the perfect launch pad to explore one of the world's most compelling cities. Around the corner from campus, you'll find the famed Luxembourg Gardens and St. Germain des Près. The rest of France and Europe is also beckoning you. Get inspired by the Institut's motto, "An Open Mind to the World."

Founded in 1875, the Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP) holds accreditation from the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche.

Student Feedback

CISabroad student study abroad Semester in paris france studying economics
I wanted to be exposed to the culture and have neighbors who were French and go to the local grocery store to get that full cultural immersion and that is exactly what CISabroad provided. This experience made me realize how much I love being independent and exploring. My horizons were broadened and I have the urge to travel everywhere! I had the best time in Paris.

Emily Koehler - Indiana University Bloomington

Program Support

Meet Our Staff

Before, during, and after your study abroad experience, you’ll be supported by the dedicated and passionate CISabroad staff. Our goal is quick responses to your questions before you depart, and even quicker once you’ve arrived on site.

Robust Advising Center

Our team of advisors will help you choose a program, connect with your home university regarding classes and financial aid and get you prepared to apply for your program.

Team of Dedicated Program Coordinators

Your Program Coordinator will assist you in finalizing housing, enrolling in courses, booking flights, obtaining visas, arranging payments, and provide pre-departure orientation.

Experienced On-site Staff

From greeting you at the airport to a robust On-site Orientation to La Vida Local Activities our on-site staff will be there to support you throughout your time on-site.

Ongoing Support

Our support doesn’t end when your program does. We have alumni programming, webinars, and resources to help you readjust when you’ve returned from your experience.

Your Support Staff

Program Fees & Dates

Advisor Tip: Please do not book flights until you have received confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork. Dates posted here are subject to change.

  • Fall 2018
    Application Deadline
    May 1
    September 13
    September 14 - 16
    Classes Start
    September 24
    Classes End
    December 20
    December 21
    $12,990 - $17,180
  • Spring 2018
    Application Deadline
    October 15
    February 7 (Estimated)
    February 7 - 8 (Estimated)
    Classes End
    June 6 (Estimated)
    June 8 (Estimated)
    $13,890 - $18,390 (Estimated)

CISabroad reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or fee changes made by our partner universities.


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Many students wish they could extend their time abroad. It’s often easier to do so before your program starts, rather than when you’re on site. From doing a full-year program to adding an internship or even combining two programs in different countries, there are many ways we can help you. Ask your global advisor for more info.

Program Inclusions

As with all study abroad programs, you should count on a few additional expenses.

Program fees are in US dollars and include the following:

  • Full-time tuition and fees (18 or 21 hour course options)
  • Housing
  • Academic advising
  • Medical and accident insurance
  • CISabroad support services before, during, and after the program
  • Financial aid counseling
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Airport pickup
  • CISabroad on-site orientation
  • On-site support
  • Paris Walking Tour
  • Day trip to Versailles and one or more overnight excursions
  • Guided tour of the Louvre and Orsay museums
  • Ticket for a theater show
  • NYTimes Digital Subscription
  • La Vida Local cultural program
  • Institut Catholique de Paris official transcript