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Compare Virtual Internship Programs

Virtual Accelerated or Virtual Global?

Virtual Accelerated Internships Virtual Global
Who is this good for?
  • You are an independent worker, but want support if needed
  • You need a short-term internship that will easily fit into your schedule
  • You want a comprehensive professional experience with guidance every step of the way
  • You need credit for your internship
  • You want to learn about the culture of your host-organization and develop cross-cultural competencies
Virtual Accelerated Internships Virtual Global
Price $1,090 $1,690
Contact Hours 60-120 hours 150-240 hours
Set Durations 4 week sessions 6 week sessions
Flexible Start Dates Rolling start dates every 2 weeks 2 start dates per term
Flexible Work Hours: 15-30 hours per week
Customized Virtual Internship Placement
CIS Abroad support before, during and after program
GoAgain promo for future study or intern abroad program
Option to get 3 credits ($600 add on)
Virtual Accelerated Internships Virtual Global
Career coaching Access to 1 individual coaching session Live weekly reflection sessions with peers and course instructor
Building Your Self-Brand Module
Own Working Remotely Module – All you need to know to set yourself up for success for your virtual internship
Working Virtually Across Cultures Module – Your guide to working in an international setting and gaining cross cultural competencies
Own Your Career Module – We’ll show you how to use your new profile and your experience to launch your career
Earn Working Across Cultures Digital Credential
Virtual Accelerated Internships Virtual Global
Access to IG Live Weekly Culture Series
Pre-Program Cultural Orientation
Weekly group cultural reflection and debrief with local Site Director
Connect with a cohort of virtual interns, learning from others’ experiences