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Program Fees Explained

Here you’ll find what’s included in a standard CIS Abroad program package. Please also visit the page of the program you are interested in for details.

The items below are included in a standard CIS Abroad program package. As there is some variance in all of our programs, please visit the page of the program you are interested in and look at “What’s included” to see everything included for that program.


Many countries’ immigration laws require all international students to enroll as full-time students while studying in their country. If you are using financial aid during the academic year, financial aid regulations will also require that you attend school full-time (the requirement is different in the summer). To be considered a full-time student, you must be enrolled in the equivalent of 12-18 U.S. credits, or 3-6 subjects, per semester during the academic year. The tuition included in the program fee is for general subjects and some universities will charge extra for certain subjects (i.e. science, engineering, fine arts). If you are registering for these types of subjects and the university charges an additional fee, you will be charged the additional amount.

Program Fees

Many universities charge a mandatory student fee that we have included in our prices. In some cases, an optional activity fee is charged if students wish to use recreational facilities on campus. This is your responsibility and can be taken care of after arrival.

Medical and Accident Insurance

Medical and accident insurance is provided for all students enrolled in CIS Abroad programs (except programs in Hawai’i), the cost of which is included in the program fee. Students going to Australia will receive additional coverage through Overseas Student Health Cover which is required by the Australian government. Students going to Hawai’i (a U.S. State) should remain on their family’s or home institution’s insurance if possible.


In all cases, housing is included in the CIS Abroad program fee. The type of housing ranges from residential halls to university-managed apartments to homestays and may or may not include meals. Extra charges may apply for telephone hook-ups, computer usage, utilities, etc.. Meals are sometimes included in the residence hall option and for some programs there is a meal plan option for an extra fee (please note that most programs include no meals). University apartments typically offer a single or shared room with shared bathroom facilities and will include facilities for cooking meals. Homestays are available in many of our non-English speaking locations. You will have a single or shared room; some meals are generally provided with a homestay.

Additional Inclusions

Because each student has different requirements for their study abroad experience, each CIS Abroad program is different. Most of our programs offer included excursions and also some that are optional and are not included in the printed program fee. Students are responsible for determining their own budgets for spending related to entertainment, miscellaneous items, and extra-curricular activities and travel. CIS Abroad is not responsible for costs related to non-program travel or activities.