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Performing Arts - Virtual internships available in these countries

Virtual Global Internship in Argentina

Below are a few sample Performing Arts - Virtual placements undertaken by past participants. There are many more possibilities, as each placement is customized. Contact an advisor to learn more!

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Production Intern with Argentine Composer and Singer

Gain a wide range of experience within the international music scene. From researching international festivals, tour venues, collaboration opportunities, broadcasts, and interviews to participating in the production and marketing of the artist’s content, you’ll get insider info and the opportunity to work with a local artist.

Marketing Intern with Argentine Vocal Artist

Support an Argentine bilingual session singer, vocal producer, songwriter, and music producer who needs to promote her latest album release. Build an international marketing campaign to promote and distribute the artist’s new album, targeted to a World Music and Underground/Alternative audience.

Performance Art Research Intern 

Develop a digital platform dedicated to the investigation and theory of Performance Art in Argentina. You’ll collaborate on a research project helping to organize documents, press articles, academic texts, videos, and photographs about a designated topic. Depending on your skills and interests, you may also work on graphic design for communication pieces and articles.