International Business

You can travel the world interning for an exciting new startup or a large, global firm, building your résumé and boosting your business smarts. You’ll gain hands-on experience in general business practices, business development, and international business, which will help you zero in on your future career. We’re experts at matching you with the internship that meets your career goals and interests. Not only will you gain valuable business skills, you’ll also learn how to communicate with people from other cultures in an international work setting.

International Business internships available in these countries

Micro Internship - International Business in London

Below are a few sample International Business placements undertaken by past participants. There are many more possibilities, as each placement is customized. Contact an advisor to learn more!

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Project One: Market Discovery

During your first industry immersive project, you’ll work with a company in the early stages of internationalization. Through client discovery and market research, you’ll identify and propose the best market for their product or service. In addition to determining the total available market vs. the serviceable available market, you’ll develop a short list of potential markets and present your findings to the client.

Project Two: New Market Fit

In this second challenge, you’ll work with a company that has already chosen their international target market. You’ll help them define strengths within the desired international market – and the cultural values, social protocol and innate preferences that vary country to country. You’ll assess the market opportunity and fit, determine what product modifications are needed, and provide a comprehensive report on their recommended go-to market strategy.

Project Three: International Marketing

During the third project, you’ll help create the best possible marketing campaign for a company that’s already working in a target country. This includes defining target audiences and producing customer profiles, identifying the best channels, and generating example materials for the campaign that accurately reflect the company’s brand. After generating a recommended marketing strategy for the target country, you’ll pitch your campaign to the client.