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Art & Design - Virtual internships available in these countries

Virtual Global Internship in Argentina

Below are a few sample Art & Design - Virtual placements undertaken by past participants. There are many more possibilities, as each placement is customized. Contact an advisor to learn more!

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Assist Emerging Argentine Artist

Help an Argentine artist expand her work through digital efforts. This artists has a very special style, 2 published books, has been working for different brands, and has done painted murals, hand-poke tattoos and offers a variety of creativity workshops. Help her with the initial research, content planning to be able to create her profile and first posts.

Brand Strategy for Handmade Accessories Store

Work for a designer handmade accessories store that needs a strategy to ensure an aligned brand image during the customer journey. The student will analyze each piece of design in order to identify common aspects and also inconsistencies in the brand image. Will review in particular the social media contents, the Website, Packaging and unboxing experience and Email marketing templates.

Graphic Design for a Music Business

Work for a company that represents Influencers and Urban artists. Produce Events (virtual, through streaming, and in presence) and create content for several platforms and Media. They’ve specialized in Free style (RAPP) artists and micro influencers. The intern will create Media Kits and Landing pages for for artists, Social Media posts and design all communication pieces for events.

Website Design for Architecture Studio

Contribute to the creation of a Website for an Architecture studio that s in charge of the direction, management and construction of buildings and real estate developments. Members of the studio have more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, in all specialties (restaurants, bars, buildings, private houses, offices, call centers, hotels, etc)

Design Internship at Company Assisting Digital Artists

Collaborate with engineers to design MIDI controllers and customized interfaces for digital artists. Assist with the research, development and design of a functional prototype- seeing the process through from conceptualization to final product.

Performance Art Research Intern 

Develop a digital platform dedicated to the investigation and theory of Performance Art in Argentina. You’ll collaborate on a research project helping to organize documents, press articles, academic texts, videos, and photographs about a designated topic. Depending on your skills and interests, you may also work on graphic design for communication pieces and articles.

Digital Design Intern at Modern Art Museum

Work for one of the most important museums in the city of Buenos Aires. You’ll work on building guided visits in English for the virtual tours and collaborate with the communications team by preparing material in English for social media and the website.

Digital Gallery Design at Latin American Art Studio

Learn about the production, investigation, and reflection this Argentine gallery does in the field of Latin American Contemporary Art while you help promote 20 Latin American artists with outstanding careers on a national and international level. You’ll work on creating a proposal for a digital refresh of the gallery, conducting research on digital contemporary art platforms worldwide.

Graphic Design at Sanitation Non-Profit

Let your design skills shine while helping an important local cause. Build a package of presentations and promotional materials for a non-profit that helps solve the sanitary emergency of more than 6 million people in Argentina. Your graphic design work will support a group of young professionals focused on making living more sanitary for local families in need by building bathrooms and kitchens and providing hygiene training.

Virtual Global Internship in Ecuador

Below are a few sample Art & Design - Virtual placements undertaken by past participants. There are many more possibilities, as each placement is customized. Contact an advisor to learn more!

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Graphic Design Intern at Agave Entrepreneurial Org

Help build the brand, design usage manual, and marketing materials for a local entrepreneurship organization in Ecuador that focuses on the recovery of the cultural meaning of the agave plant. Learn about ancient cultural connection to the agave plant and its uses.

Graphic Design Intern at Human Rights & Nature NGO

Create educational materials for vulnerable populations, such as seniors and kids from rural areas, at a human and nature rights’ NGO in Ecuador. You’ll make  educational materials for children and seniors, such as painting books or crossword puzzles focused on human or environmental rights, all while learning about indigenous and mestizo communities.

Visual Design Intern at Art & Culture Org

Share your artistic skills at this organization focused on art and culture in Ecuador, creating and designing material related to cultural topics of the country. This placement can accommodate a variety of visual design skills, including illustration, graphic design, publishing design, video editing and animation, web page programming and design, and photography.