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Achieve your goals in beautiful Thailand.

Lend a hand while building practical skills by interning abroad in Thailand! You’ll be based in historic Chiang Mai, a popular destination for foreign and local travelers alike due to its great climate, amazing foods, surrounding mountains and hundreds of ancient temples dating back to the 14th century. Immerse in local workplace culture and experience Thailand from a different lens while contributing to noble causes in fields such as community development, education, environmental conservation, health care, and human rights.

What to Expect:

  • Language: English and Thai
  • Average Courseload: U.S. credit may be available
  • GPA Requirement: 2.5


  • Hands-on placements in the fields of healthcare, education, journalism, and community development
  • Homestay or private apartment for full immersion into the beautiful and welcoming Thai culture
  • Quaint college town of Chiang Mai, full of charm and adventure
  • Easy and inexpensive options for independent weekend travel
  • Delicious and affordable Thai cuisine

Internship Placements

Education internships available in Thailand

Below are a few sample Education placements undertaken by past participants. There are many more possibilities, as each placement is customized. Contact an advisor to learn more!

Other countries with Education internships
<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="720" height="406" src=English Teacher and Admin Intern at Refugee NGO' class='responsive-item cover'>

English Teacher and Admin Intern at Refugee NGO

This internship allows you to interact and work with local refugees and monks. Working for a NGO in Chiang Mai, you’ll teach English and other subjects to refugees and the monks working to help them. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the refugee situation in Thailand as you elevate your professional skills.

<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="1106" height="830" src=Health Educator at Government-Run Clinic' class='responsive-item cover'>

Health Educator at Government-Run Clinic

Work alongside health professionals as you provide public health education to many groups of people, including the local Thai community and immigrants moving to Thailand. You’ll work to help people prevent disease and educate patients about high blood pressure and other public health concerns.

<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="640" height="360" src=Project Intern in Thai Village' class='responsive-item cover'>

Project Intern in Thai Village

You’ll live and work in a village just outside the city of Chiang Mai. This small village has hosted interns for many years and is a great place to interact with local children. One education placement includes supporting the local kindergarten and offering instructor support for educating the minority hill tribe children.

Environmental & Sustainability internships available in Thailand

Below are a few sample Environmental & Sustainability placements undertaken by past participants. There are many more possibilities, as each placement is customized. Contact an advisor to learn more!

Other countries with Environmental & Sustainability internships
<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="640" height="360" src=Environmental Protection Intern in Thai Village' class='responsive-item cover'>

Environmental Protection Intern in Thai Village

Focus on planting trees and other conservation work in a community forest. The exact work depends on the time of year, but you could plant saplings, work on cloning trees, or construct water retention areas. All of this work is done in a rural Thai village, where everyday, you will interact with local Thai people as they work with you.

<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="640" height="360" src=Environmental Education Intern in Thai Village' class='responsive-item cover'>

Environmental Education Intern in Thai Village

Education around protecting the environment is critical in rural locations. You’ll work in a small Thai village helping to educate the community around the importance of conservation. Classes will be held for students at the primary and middle schools, and community talks will be given around town.

<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="640" height="360" src=Sustainability Intern in Thai Village' class='responsive-item cover'>

Sustainability Intern in Thai Village

Focus on sustainable community development by working on community outreach programs that improve the lives of all those in the village. In addition to your work improving the community, you will do basic conservation work, including the planting of trees and firebreak construction.

Health internships available in Thailand

Below are a few sample Health placements undertaken by past participants. There are many more possibilities, as each placement is customized. Contact an advisor to learn more!

Other countries with Health internships
<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="1108" height="831" src=Health Intern with Mobile Health Unit' class='responsive-item cover'>

Health Intern with Mobile Health Unit

Work with medical professionals as they visit remote villages in rural Thailand. You’ll be part of a group that provides public health education, basic medical procedures, vaccinations, and disease prevention. While mostly shadowing, you will have the opportunity to work directly with doctors, nurses, and some patients.

<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="800" height="600" src=Clinical Health Intern at Rural District Hospital' class='responsive-item cover'>

Clinical Health Intern at Rural District Hospital

You’ll work in a large hospital in rural Thailand that caters to 60,000+ citizens. This hospital provides a range of services, from emergency care to dental and eye care, as well as a pharmacy, and pre- and post-op units. You’ll shadow doctors and nurses and be able to work in different units throughout the hospital.

<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="1108" height="831" src=Public Health Intern at Governmental Health Clinic' class='responsive-item cover'>

Public Health Intern at Governmental Health Clinic

As an intern, your responsibilities will involve working in the community with local volunteers to educate, prevent, and mitigate various diseases. Your work may include checking blood pressure and blood sugar to prevent heart disease and stroke, and working on public health campaigns to prevent dengue fever and encourage vaccinations. You’ll also help with checkups and primary care visits.

NGOs and Non-Profit internships available in Thailand

Below are a few sample NGOs and Non-Profit placements undertaken by past participants. There are many more possibilities, as each placement is customized. Contact an advisor to learn more!

Other countries with NGOs and Non-Profit internships
<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="640" height="360" src=NGO Support Intern at Local Equal Rights Organization' class='responsive-item cover'>

NGO Support Intern at Local Equal Rights Organization

You’ll have the opportunity to grow as a leader and a steward to the local community. You can expect to analyze the organization’s marketing material, make suggestions for improvements, and create new tools to increase awareness between potential donors and volunteers. In addition, you’ll be involved in the logistics of real projects, suggest new projects, and lead the volunteers team.

<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="640" height="360" src=Project Intern at Thai NGO for the Elderly' class='responsive-item cover'>

Project Intern at Thai NGO for the Elderly

Gain experience with established NGOs that support local Thai people, specifically the elderly through numerous programs. The intern will take part in the different programs as well as help those in the office doing admin work, writing reports, updating the website and more.

<h4 data-lazy-src=""><noscript><img width="640" height="360" src=Support Staff at Thai NGO' class='responsive-item cover'>

Support Staff at Thai NGO

Learn about the projects and inner workings of one or more well-established Thai NGOs supporting the elderly, children’s rights, education, or other noble causes. You’ll put your English ability to good use by contributing to fundraising, report writing, and marketing/outreach, You’ll be an integral part of the office team, while also enjoying some time in the field at project sites to gain extra insights into the causes and outcomes.

Program Details

Intern for Credit

Want credit for your internship? We can do that for you!


You will participate in the Intern Abroad online course, developed and facilitated by Dr. Jennifer Engel, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Experiential Learning, who has been teaching culture and career-oriented courses online for more than 10 years. To learn more about how this course will help you enhance your employability, take a look at the course overview.


A respected New Hampshire university, Plymouth State University is CIS Abroad’s accrediting partner for internship programs. Plymouth State University is a NEASC accredited institution with over 20 years of experience awarding internship credit both domestically and internationally. Plymouth State University has been nationally recognized for its commitment to the environment and for innovative programs that are making an impact both regionally and globally.

Learn more about interning for credit through Plymouth State University here.


All participants in this program are eligible to earn a Working Across Cultures Micro-credential at no extra charge! Make sure you opt in at the beginning of the course.

Why Life in Chiang Mai

Known to Thais as the “Rose of the North,” Chiang Mai is a breathtaking city surrounded by mountains and bisected by the Ping River. Visitors flock to experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere and delicious food unique to the region, and to venture out into the imposing mountains. The city resides on an elevated plateau approximately 1,000 feet above sea level.

Recently voted the world’s second-best city, Chiang Mai has a rich history and culture. Chiang Mai is home to 150,000 people, with a greater metropolitan population of around one million. This city has 700 years of ancient history and was a prominent place as the heart of Lanna culture. The fortressed Old City center was the former capital of the Lanna kingdom. This is one of the few cities in the world that still features an intact moat, which encircles the Old City. You’ll notice that the common mode of transport is to ride a songtaew (pronounced “song- tau”), or red truck-taxi. You’ll feel like a local as you zip around the streets. 

From Chiang Mai, you can explore the mountains and visit hilltribe villages, learn to cook Thai food, visit elephants, or go bamboo rafting. Other popular activities include hiking in Doi Inthanon National Park (home of Thailand’s tallest mountain), savoring tasty street food, enjoying the nightlife, and witnessing the city’s many festivals and cultural celebrations.


Live The Local Life

  • Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

    Chiang Mai’s most holy temple, constructed on the side of the mountain after an elephant carrying a relic of the Buddha died there. This beautiful temple is a must visit for Thai and foreigners alike.

  • Sunday Walking Street Market

    Chiang Mai’s biggest attraction, people from all over the region converge on the old city to sell homemade and unique northern style clothes, jewelry, art and other amazing souvenirs.

  • Elephant Programs

    Spend some time with these amazing animals and learn about efforts to look after them.

  • Trekking

    Chiang Mai is known for the surrounding mountains and their hilltribes that you can visit in a sensitive and responsible way for a truly unique and insightful experience.

  • Thai Cooking Class

    Enjoy a lesson about Thai herbs and vegetables, take a visit to a market to learn the names ,and then make several delicious dishes of your choosing.

Introduction to Chiang Mai's Internships Housing


Students placed in rural placements, health clinics and some schools, stay in a homestay 5 days a week and travel to the city of Chiang Mai every weekend, staying in the guesthouse. 
Students choosing placements in the city will stay in a private apartment 7 days a week. 

Homestay in Chiang Mai


Students will live with a warm and welcoming Thai family in a private room.

Interns staying in Homestays can return to Chiang Mai every weekend and stay in a guesthouse. This enables to meet the other interns, participate in excursions and better explore the city. 



Homestays include two meals per day

Inclusions and Amenities

  • CommutePublic Transportation
  • MealsHomestay
  • Private Room

Apartments in Chiang Mai


Students will live in double rooms in centrally-located hotel-style apartments. Among the amenities are TV, air conditioning, Wifi, and a small refrigerator.

Check out the photo gallery to get an idea of what the apartments are like.


You will find an amazing variety of cheap and tasty food all around.  

Inclusions and Amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • BathroomShared
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Television
  • Wi-Fi

Shared Guesthouse in Chiang Mai


Depending on the location of the internship, a small number of placements require interns to live in guest houses with other interns. Interns will have access to a full kitchen and shared lounge areas.

Check out the photo gallery to get a sense of what the shared guest houses are like.


This option does not include meals. Instead, cook for yourself in the guesthouse kitchen!

Inclusions and Amenities

  • SharedBathroom
  • CommutePublic Transportation
  • Double Room
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Study Areas

What's Included


Program fees are in US dollars and include the following:

  • Orientation in Chiang Mai
  • Thai language (intro. lessons during orientation; two hours per week thereafter)
  • Cultural values training to help acclimate you to Thai business culture
  • Multiple excursions depending on the length of your program
  • Internship placement and support
  • Housing
  • Medical and accident insurance
  • Pre-departure and onsite orientation
  • Financial aid counseling
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Airport pickup service
  • On-site support
  • The Local Life cultural program

Welcome & Orientation

Upon arrival you’ll take part in a comprehensive orientation program. You’ll learn the “do’s and don’ts” of living in Chiang Mai. Where to go out, how to stay safe, where the shops and markets are, how to get around, and the likes will be among the topics covered in our orientation. In the afternoon you will participate in the Thai Cultural values training, where staff will cover the differences in working and communication style between Thailand and the West.

Farewell & Re-Entry Program

At the end of the program we will all get together for one last epic meal and talk about your adventures and experiences. Our staff will also share some precious tips on going back home feeling like a champ! Your study abroad experience is something to be cherished and shared with your family and friends back home.

Program Excursions

While participating on a CIS Abroad program, you'll be able to take part in built-in day trips at no additional cost. These trips are subject to change from term to term; listed below are excursions that have run in the past.
Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary

Enjoy a day of friendly appreciation of elephants at one of Thailand’s most respected elephant sanctuaries. You’ll learn about the sanctuary’s role in the protection of these great creatures, and maybe even get to take a swim with them!



A shorter day trip to visit the amazing mountains and national parks surrounding Chiang Mai, not only will you see some beautiful natural scenary, this is also a great opportunity to visit hilltribe villages in person and in a respectful and sustainable way.

Thai Cooking Class

Thai Cooking Class

During this excursion you will learn all about Thai fruits, vegetable, and herbs, visit the market and learn about the different ingredients and then make a few dishes of your own from scratch.

Site Director

Travel Tip:

Looking for a cool and exciting way to explore Bangkok? The whole city used to be based around canals, so jumping on a boat gives you a way to get out of the traffic and experience the real Bangkok.

Travel Tip:

Looking for a cool and exciting way to explore Bangkok? The whole city used to be based around canals, so jumping on a boat gives you a way to get out of the traffic and experience the real Bangkok.


David was born in the UK and moved to the US when he was 16 and completed high school and University in Colorado. As an avid traveler, his first thought on graduation was to travel to Asia. He volunteered and lived with a family in Kathmandu for 2 months before traveling to Thailand. He quickly fell in love with the country and for the last 12 years has worked as a teacher, as a development officer in NGOs, and has worked with volunteers and study abroad programs for the last seven years. He has an MA in Asia Pacific Studies and is fluent in Thai. He loves his work because it allows him to share his love of Thailand and its people with participants and at the same time support the great things that people all over Thailand are doing every day.

Your Support Staff

Amanda Murphy
Travel Tip:

Don’t overplan. Have a place to stay, pick a few major things you want to do, and then just get lost in the beauty of it all. If you plan too many activities, you miss out on stumbling into the most wonderful things that you’ll never forget.

Alexandra Woolner
Travel Tip:

Expect the unexpected! Sometimes culture shock is stronger in countries where you expect things to be more similar to your home country and environment. Traveling abroad is an excellent way to learn more about your own culture, habits, style, and adaptability.

Advising and Enrollment
Travel Tip:

You’ll be supported every step of the way!


Our advising team can help match you with a program that fits your academic and personal objectives. It’s not always an easy choice, but you can’t go wrong! Once you’ve decided, we’ll guide to you submit an online application.


Once you’ve submitted your initial application and the fee, you’ll be assigned a Program Enrollment Coordinator. We’ll work closely together to guide you through the enrollment process and prepare you for a life-changing experience!

COVID-19 Plan

We believe that study abroad is still possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, but certain policies and procedures will need to be in place to ensure every student can be safe and healthy during their semester abroad.

Learn more about CIS Abroad’s Risk Management Team’s three step process for operating  our programs around the world and important program refund policies.

Read more below for information related to this program:

On-Site Program Modifications

We want your time abroad to be an experience of a lifetime. We also know that it is a unique time to be going abroad. Below is some helpful information to you so you can make the best decision for your finances, academic career, and personal health and safety.

Our Financial Commitment

CIS Abroad is working with international partners to create refund and withdrawal policies that limit the financial impact on students and families should COVID-19 change a student’s plan to travel. See our refund policy page for more information.
To insure yourself from additional loss, such as the loss of airfare, or any other non-recoverable loss after your program begins, we recommend purchasing trip protection insurance, aka CFAR/IFAR insurance.

Our Academic Commitment

CIS Abroad has carefully selected programs where there is minimal to no academic risk.*

If a student must quarantine or miss classes due to sickness, remote academics are guaranteed. These may be synchronous or asynchronous, i.e, live or recorded.

If a city or country goes on lockdown due to sickness, remote academics are guaranteed. These may be synchronous or asynchronous, i.e. live or recorded.

* If a student cannot travel to their destination due to COVID-19 restrictions, remote academics are guaranteed on select programs and in certain courses. If accessing remote academics from the US are important to you, please contact our advising team to learn more about which program locations or courses are right for you.

Our Health & Safety Commitment

CIS Abroad has developed a site-specific risk management plan for every location so that health and safety protocols are monitored, managed and communicated throughout the semester. We have developed a COVID Care Package included in our program fee to make traveling and living in a host country easier on students, especially those first few weeks on-site:

  • COVID compliant airport pick-up and transfer to housing (except for Barcelona’s programs).
  • Access to quarantine housing upon entry, if quarantine is required when entering the country; this housing may incur additional charges.
  • Information and assistance on meal delivery, if quarantine is required when entering the country.
  • COVID-safe classrooms and campus facilities as well as access to masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies according to country and location specific standards.
  • Vaccine requirements for all participants to ensure COVID-safe program excursions and guaranteed housing with vaccinated students.
  • Access to accommodation if isolation is necessary due to positive COVID test or exposure; this housing may incur additional charges.
  • Access to COVID testing; this testing may be an additional charge.
  • Medical and accident insurance that covers COVID-related illness (except for on programs operating in the USA).
  • Cultural activities and reflection that emphasize safe, local exploration geared to the specific context of being abroad at this special time.

*if quarantine is required upon entry, we will let you know 60 days before a program starts, or as soon as the information is known to CIS Abroad. Your program coordinator will keep you updated as to any changes in dates, arrival, local restrictions and costs. If it is required, this may entail an earlier departure date and an additional housing and meal cost.

We recognize not every student, family, or university will allow travel this year, despite the risk mitigation outlined above. Should students apply for 2022 programs, and then choose to defer to a future program, we would be happy to move that student’s application to a program with a later start date. We are committed to providing our innovative virtual programs to meet your internationalization goals.


We plan to show you the best of what your location has to offer this term; great culture, great food, and interesting people. On the Excursions tab, you can see the day or overnight trips we usually offer. It is too soon to know if we can offer those same experiences or if we’ll stay a little closer to our program base. Just know that great experiences await you.


Add to your program for no extra fee!

As an intern, you have the opportunity to earn a micro-credential from CIS Abroad! Having a highly visible addition to your resume or LinkedIn profile can help you stand out from other job seekers. It’s a fast-track way to identify demonstrated skills that make YOU a more valuable contributor to an organization.

Learn more about the Working Across Cultures micro-credential.

If you’re interested in earning this micro-credential, please message your instructor by the beginning of the second week of your internship.

Dates & Prices

ADVISOR TIP: Please WAIT to book flights until you have received confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork. Dates posted here are subject to change.

  • Application Deadline: Jun 1
  • Arrival: September 9
  • Departure: October 22 | November 5 | December 3
  • Price: $4,390 - $5,690
  • Application Deadline: Jul 1
  • Arrival: October 7
  • Departure: November 19 | December 3 | December 31
  • Price: $4,390 - $5,690
  • Application Deadline: Nov 1
  • Arrival: January 6
  • Departure: February 18 | March 4 | April 1
  • Price: $4,390 - $5,690
  • Application Deadline: Nov 1
  • Arrival: February 3
  • Departure: March 18 | April 1 | April 29
  • Price: $4,390 - $5,690
  • Application Deadline: Mar 1 (Estimated)
  • Arrival: May 5 (Estimated)
  • Departure: June 17 | July 1 | July 29 (Estimated)
  • Price: $4,390 - $5,690 (Estimated)
  • Application Deadline: Mar 15 (Estimated)
  • Arrival: June 3 (Estimated)
  • Departure: July 15 | July 29 | August 26 (Estimated)
  • Price: $4,390 - $5,690 (Estimated)
  • Application Deadline: Jun 1 (Estimated)
  • Arrival: September 8 (Estimated)
  • Departure: October 21 | November 4 | December 2 (Estimated)
  • Price: $4,390 - $5,690 (Estimated)
  • Application Deadline: Jul 1 (Estimated)
  • Arrival: October 6 (Estimated)
  • Departure: November 18 | December 2 | December 30 (Estimated)
  • Price: $4,390 - $5,690 (Estimated)
Additional Information:

Price range
When 6, 8, and 12 weeks are available, the prices are as follows:
6 weeks: 4,390
8 weeks: 4,890
12 weeks: 5,690

As with all study abroad programs, you should count on a few additional expenses.

CIS Abroad reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or fee changes made by our partner universities.