Life’s a journey full of unknown mystery… but applying for a study or intern abroad experience shouldn’t be. We listen to student feedback to make the application process as easy as possible - no small feat considering you’re getting things in order to live in a new country for a while!

But never fear - we’re here to help. There are three basic stages to the application process, all with a bit of a different timetable. We’ll keep you informed of next steps so you’ll always know what’s needed from you - even if it’s just waiting with excitement!

Stage 1. Application

Take a single step forward – start the CIS Abroad application. It’s SUPER easy (no essay!) and will get you connected to one of our Global Advisors, who can help you do everything from finding the right program to doing your taxes. (Just kidding on the taxes part.) Our application can be completed easily on mobile and should take less than 10 minutes – all you need to know is your address, GPA, and which program you’re applying for. No attachments needed at this stage! Just make sure you apply by the application deadline. BOOM. Life-changing experience awaits.

Not ready to apply yet? Have more questions? You can reach out to the Global Advising Center directly at +1-877-617-9090, or by texting +1-877-617-9090, or submit this question form online.

Stage 2. Pre Departure

Level unlocked! Now that your application is in, things can really start moving. You’ll meet your Program Coordinator, who’s spent time in the location you’re headed to – so ask them your most pressing questions on your welcome call.

There’s a lot to get done and a few deadlines to juggle, so students who keep after it are the most successful. Here’s a short list of what you’ll be completing during this stage:

  • Financial aid counseling
  • Enrollment paperwork, like course selection, health info, on-campus approvals, and more
  • Visa application
  • Meeting payment deadlines (we’ll remind you!)
  • Setting up medical/accident insurance
  • Travel logistics and support
  • CIS Abroad LIVE Orientation with your program coordinator

Visas are a very important part of study abroad. It’s basically the formal OK of the country you’re traveling to that you’re allowed to be there. Depending on how long you stay and where, different visas are required. We’ll help you apply for the correct visas in time for a smooth departure.

Stage 3. On-Site Experience

All of your hard work has paid off – time to fly!

Your amazing on-site experience begins with airport pickup – nothing like feeling cared for after a long flight. Your site director will host an on-site orientation with other CIS Abroad participants, so you’ll get to connect with other participants soon after landing. A university orientation will help you get familiar with campus and how to get to class, and a city orientation will help you understand and adapt to local life. Before long, you’ll feel at home away from home!

Here are the key components of all our on-site experiences:

  • Welcome meal
  • On-site orientation
  • Built-in excursions, including one big-ticket trip
  • La Vida Local activities
  • Farewell meal
  • Opportunities to add internships, extra travel, and TEFL experiences

When you return, help spread the love of study abroad by being a CIS Abroad Alumni Ambassador!

This program gave me so many opportunities to learn about the Irish culture and took us on trips with locals to get the full experience. I was extremely prepared through CISabroad and was never nervous about any plans. I mostly miss the amazing people and culture of Ireland. - Hannah Beucke
Learn as much about the culture as you can before you go, and while you are there, immerse yourself in that culture and live like a local. - Abby Elliott
Come in with an open mind, make friends, and don’t pass up an opportunity to explore. I now want to go on more adventures and feel more cultured. - Alexa Valenta