Study Spots in Limerick

The University of Limerick has so many beautiful places to study. The Glucksman Library is a state of the art, newly refurbished labyrinth of a place with all sorts of spots to hide away and avoid distractions. Depending on how much peace and quiet you like, you can choose your floor based on noise-level.

There’s a nice little eatery in the library, too, with famously friendly staff, so feel free to stop in when you want a nice meal and a warm smile!

You are really spoiled for choice at UL if you like to study with a cup of coffee or a snack beside you, as there are 16 places on campus to eat. The Scholars Club has fabulous coffee for latte-lovers.

You will also have a private bedroom with a desk, so you might find that your own quiet space is actually your favorite place to curl up with a book.

And don’t forget to check out the cafes and places in the city of Limerick!