Intern in Dublin Housing

During your program in Dublin, you’ll be living in an apartment in the city center. We try to reserve a single room for you when possible, but due to the large amount of students living in the city and the consequential time constraints as we confirm your internship placement, you may share a bedroom with one other person.

Your program cost includes your housing, all utilities, wifi, and bed linen (towels are not included – your Site Director can help you with things you’ll want to purchase when you arrive). Meals are not included, but you will have a kitchen in your apartment and most interns enjoy cooking together, which allows them to make friends and share cooking costs. There are also many options to dine out around the city for all price ranges, and your Site Director will be happy to provide you with recommendations during Orientation.

Please note that longer commute times are much more common in Ireland and although we try to place you in an apartment as close to your internship placement as possible, you may have up to an hour commute. Please keep this in mind and be prepared.