Academic Information

It is IMPORTANT to check with your home university on how your courses will transfer back at the end of your semester and how many credits each course will be worth. Some US universities require the actual grade to transfer back while some only require their students to receive a pass in order to receive credit. CISabroad provides this Grade Translation Suggestion Form to your home university but ultimately it is your home university’s decision.

You can take a maximum of 4 courses and a minimum of 3 courses to maintain your student visa and be considered a full time student.

At the end of your semester your transcript will need to be requested through the Australian system called My eQuals Digital Credentials. In an effort to be eco friendly almost all of the universities in Australia and New Zealand have opted to go paperless. Your transcript will come electronically. Your program coordinator will provide you with instructions on how to do this AND where to send your transcript. Transcripts are usually available 4 weeks after your semester ends.

9 students out of 10 have reported that academics are more challenging in Australia compared to their home universities due to the difference is structure. Most courses only have a few assignments throughout the semester. For example for your final exam could be worth 60% of your entire grade. You will need to be sure to constantly be checking your course syllabus for due dates as professors will not remind you.

To help you throughout the semester your host university offers fantastic academic resources. Please see below:

Disability Support – Disability Support can help to accommodate your disability or medical condition. Please let your program coordinator know if you are interested in their services.

Writing Centre – This centre provides lots of resources to help assist students with their studies.

Through Supporting Student Learning you will also have access to:

Campus Life

The University of Adelaide offers a wide range of opportunities, events and activities to help students get involved and active on campus! Want to see what the University of Adelaide is all about? Check out this YouTube video!

Students have the opportunity to study at both the North Terrace Campus and the Waite Campus. The resources below are available to you as you make your way through your studies.

Don’t want to make your lunch in your housing? Not a problem. Here are a few places you can grab a bite:

You’ll notice a lot of coffee shops on campus, here is an article about ordering coffee in Australia to ensure what you order is actually what you want (Flat Whites are my absolute favorite). (Also: To Go = Takeaway). I also recommend purchasing a Keep Cup (or similar) when you’re in Australia. Usually you will get a small discount on your coffee order if you bring your own cup (please note that sizes are drastically different from our reusable cups in the US).

Peer Mentor Program – Sign up to have your own peer mentor. A peer mentor is a current University of Adelaide who has volunteered their time to help new students settle into life in Adelaide!

Global IQ Connect – This program allows you the opportunity to build and develop your intercultural skills through engaging with students around the world. Plus you’ll get a certificate at the end of the experience. #ResumeBooster

Sport, clubs and fitness
The University of Adelaide has over 130 clubs to join! This is the best way to meet local students!
Interested in joining the University of Adelaide gym? Check out what they offer here!

Health and Wellbeing – These services range from mental to physical health

International Student Support – This is likely the first time you will be an international student. This can come with its own challenges but the International Student Support team is there to help!

Student Life Counseling Support – Student Life Counseling Support is a free resource to full time students. Their team is there to help you.

Safer Campus Community – The University of Adelaide is committed to creating an environment where all students feel safe and supported. The University of Adelaide promotes participation in the ALLY Network, Pride in Diversity, Campus Maps (that show the location of all gender/access toilets), student counselling services, health & relationships and much more!

Personal Safety and Security – The University of Adelaide firmly believes that everyone deserves the right to a safe environment!