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Looking for the best of the best? Take our advice! No, really – you’ll be glad you did. Our curated lists of Featured Programs are designed to offer you choices that match what’s most important to you about your study or intern abroad experience.



Have a burning desire to study or intern abroad but want to make sure you get the most for your money? These programs offer an incredible value and are packed with everything you could want to have in an action-packed, transformative experience abroad and more, including a great cost of living, the most potential for credits, the most cultural immersion activities, the most travel, and the best excursions!


Don’t want the “typical” study abroad experience? Study or intern abroad in a country you may not have considered at first? These locations are for you. Take our recommendations for tried and true programs that fly under the radar.


Do you have your pulse on the next big thing? These programs offer some of the most exciting destinations at CISabroad. Programs make this list because they are among our most popular student favorites. In fact, if you’re looking for programs that offer more opportunities to interact with CISabroad students, look no further!


Just looking for some ideas to get started? Check out our personal recommendations – we’re happy to give them! Check out some picks from CISabroad staff, from our leadership to our University Relations team.


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