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Our Affiliate Program

Join Our Cooperating Partner Alliance

CIS Abroad’s affiliate program is called the Cooperating Partner Alliance (CPA). Simply stated, it is a non-binding agreement between your institution and CIS Abroad that provides an additional education abroad resource for your office while also giving your students certain financial and service benefits. We believe it is a “win-win” situation for all parties involved.

How does the CPA work?

As study abroad participation continues to grow, there is a corresponding increase in variety – variety in program offerings, variety in the student’s backgrounds, variety in student requirements for a program. CIS Abroad’s Cooperating Partner Alliance was formed with this in mind. The CPA is a program designed to complement, not compete, with your existing study abroad opportunities. Becoming a member of the Alliance program allows you to expand your list of existing education abroad programs and services to accommodate more of your student’s interests, budgets and personal preferences.

Furthermore, your commitment to becoming and staying an Alliance member does not bind you to any set number of students you must refer. We will treat you the same whether you send 1 student per year or 20 students per semester. We realize that you want to have as many trusted programs as possible to offer your students and we would like to be one of them.

As a CPA member you and your students have access to certain privileges not available to non-member institutions.

Institutional Benefits

  • Support of your office through annual campus visits, provision of promotional material and access to resource materials.
  • Site visit to your office, including updates on student applications and access to partner university webinars for advisors and students
  • Access to the CPA Professional Development Grant program to help further your professional goals (see below)
  • New in 2018! Access to our Peer Advisor Matching grant (see below)

Student Benefits

  • Automatic discounts off of our already low program fees.
  • First class service from start to finish!
  • Live- either in-person or online pre departure orientation

Becoming a CPA Member

Simply contact Jessica Jones,, VP of University Relations, and she will discuss the possibility of your institution becoming an affiliate.

CPA Member Schools

CPA Professional Development Grant Program

Part of CIS Abroad’s mission is to continue to further professional development the field of international education. In order to support our affiliate partners, we make a small number of grants available each fall and spring to help in this endeavor.

What is it?

This grant can be used to defray costs for activities such as:

  • conference attendance
  • supplement the costs of individual site visit
  • supplement the costs of research studies in the field of education abroad.

If you are a staff member of a CPA (affiliate) institution who works in education abroad, then you are eligible to apply. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but preference is given to applications submitted by September 30 for fall disbursements and January 31 for spring.

How to apply

Complete the CPA Professional Development Grant Application.

Peer Advisor Matching Grant Program

What is it?

To support education abroad staff at our affiliate partners we provide this grant opportunity, which covers up to half the cost of hiring a Peer Advisor in the education abroad office for a semester or an academic year. The Peer Advisor will work in a pre-professional capacity with office staff to promote education abroad on campus and to support prospective and current applicants. Grants generally range between $250 – $1,000 in matching funds per semester.

This grant can be used to hire an alum of a CIS Abroad program who can assist your office with a broad range of study abroad advising and promotional activities such as:

  • Initial study abroad advising appointments and information sessions
  • Class presentations
  • Outreach across campus, including to student organizations and living/learning communities
  • Social media management
  • Administrative duties with a focus on CIS Abroad applicants
  • Additional duties as assigned by education abroad office staff

Any current affiliate partner is eligible to apply. Applications are accepted between March 1 and August 1, with decisions made on a rolling basis.

How to apply

Complete the Peer Advisor Matching Grant Application.