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Comparative Perspectives on International Education Seminar

Professional Development for Staff and Faculty

Greece: Postponed until Summer 2021

Exceptional comprehensive campus internationalization engages faculty and staff at every level. It is essential that faculty, staff and advisors have their own international experiences that they can draw from when working to both advance the institution’s global engagement initiatives, as well as help students foster connections between their coursework, international experiences, and future careers.

CIS Abroad’s Comparative Perspectives on International Education seminar for faculty and staff will provide participants with an international experience of their own in order to help them gain a deeper understanding of the value of international experiences for the students they work with. The broader impact of their participation also has the potential to advance their institution’s internationalization efforts via the follow-on projects they create and implement upon their return.

Faculty site visit to Greece

The program will provide participants with:

  • The ability to experience a study abroad site in Greece, and to meet with on-site staff from CIS Abroad’s program locations which offer integrated intern, research and community-based learning options.
  • The opportunity to contextualize the student study abroad experience while participating in elements of a faculty-led study abroad program, gaining exposure to Greek history and culture.
  • A theoretical understanding of the differences between the higher education systems of the United States and Greece/European Union via a comparative, reflective approach.

Following completion of this program, participants are encouraged to:

  • Explore the process for developing a study abroad course that complements their specific discipline or area of expertise.
  • Develop a plan, specific to their departments/offices, to encourage students to participate in study abroad and/or other global learning experiences.
  • Conduct a presentation(s) on the outcomes of their experience abroad for colleagues on campus. Alternatives could include writing a newsletter article/blog, producing a short video, etc.
  • Become advocates for comprehensive campus internationalization on their campuses.
  • Propose a project that would connect their overseas experiences specifically to their departments/job functions.

Those encouraged to apply:

  • Staff and faculty who have never been outside of the U.S., or have very limited experience out of the country
  • Faculty who may be interested in developing a custom study or intern abroad program
  • Staff from student affairs or academic units whose work directly supports student engagement and success
  • Faculty from academic departments that are underrepresented in education abroad at their institutions

Application Deadline: Please check back for updates

To apply:

The statement of interest should clearly convey the applicant’s: 1) motivations for participating in the program; 2) their goals for the program; and 3) how participation in this program will enhance their work on campus.

Within 3 weeks of acceptance, your $500 non-refundable program fee will be due to reserve a spot on the program.

Should the number of applications exceed program capacity, selection of participants will be based on the applicant’s statement of interest.

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