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The academic experience is an integral part of a student’s time abroad whether it be for a whole semester or a shorter term. CIS Abroad has a variety of program models and partners around the world that help us achieve the goal of delivering high quality academic experiences for our participants. Students with diverse academic needs and from a wide range of backgrounds and majors easily find programs that suit their needs, challenges their intellect, and encourages immersion.

We pride ourselves on our strategically developed partner institutions. From internationally ranked research institutions, to private and public universities offering a plethora of subject areas, to smaller specialized institutions. To ensure academic quality, we only work with accredited, Ministry of Education approved foreign institutions or organizations that have a US-accredited School of Record.

In addition to our La Vida Local Cultural Curriculum, our model encourages students to immerse themselves in local student life by attending class alongside local or other international students, or by partaking in many of our partner universities’ student organizations, clubs, and extracurricular activities. This learning environment allows for deep engagement with the local culture, history, and student life.