CISABROAD BLOG · November 28, 2019 · 2 Min Read
Why Studying Abroad Doesn’t Mean Cancelling Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for spending time with friends and family. And studying abroad doesn’t mean missing out! In fact, I had one of the best Thanksgiving dinners of my life while studying in Limerick, Ireland.

celebrating thanksgiving abroad

CIS Abroad students celebrating Thanksgiving in Ecuador in 2018

A bunch of us students (both Canadian and American) got together to cook a feast filled with both traditional and new flavors found nearby. Each student was from somewhere different, and each brought something different to the table.

A lot of things had to be made from scratch or improvised for the meal, including turkey, which can be hard to find in international supermarkets at short notice. I suggest pre-ordering one from a supermarket or butcher shop. Flexibility and adaptability was key, and to cut costs, we made the dinner a potluck. Our Irish classmates who attended really got into the tradition and brought their favorite homemade dishes.

celebrating thanksgiving abroad

CIS Abroad students celebrating Thanksgiving in Prague in 2016

Even though we were a few thousand miles away from home, it felt like Thanksgiving. We covered the room with festive fall decorations and dressed up in nice attire. We then sat down to a delicious and wonderfully unique meal together, surrounded by new friends. Celebrating Thanksgiving abroad with my friends is the Thanksgiving for which I am most thankful. It really made me feel fortunate to be able to celebrate even while being so far from home.

What are some traditions unique to how you celebrate Thanksgiving? Are you celebrating Thanksgiving abroad? Let’s continue the conversation on social. (Remember to tag us @CISAbroad so we can join in!)

Don’t celebrate Thanksgiving? No problem! We encourage you to get together with your friends and celebrate the way you want to.

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