CISABROAD BLOG · February 15, 2021 · 4 Min Read
Why Study Abroad During Covid

The college years are special. They are a time to explore, connect, try new things, travel, learn in the classroom and through first hand experiences. So much of what makes the college experience are things that are not recommended during the pandemic because they can contribute to the spread of COVID-19. The things that make college memorable and transformative are now forbidden. How then, can we find something special, something equally fun, challenging, and potentially transformative as studying and living on campus? The answer is simple – go far far away and study abroad.

Did you know that there are places in the world where COVID-19 is not spreading rapidly? There are places where life feels pretty normal, where restaurants and bars are open, where it’s fine to take public transportation, and to hug your friends. There are places where class is meeting in person, where libraries and cafeterias are open. You’ll wonder if a pandemic is even happening. You can travel, explore, study, make friends, visit beaches, eat amazing food, and make your college experience stand out because you did something very different – you studied abroad.

Benefits of studying abroad during this time:

  • Incredible access to historic sites that are usually swarmed with tourists (but now are seemingly empty)
  • A unique and rare opportunity to experience a pandemic through the lens of another culture
  • Differing rules and regulations, often with more mobility and access to “normal” life
  • Personal growth! Overcoming obstacles while studying abroad during a pandemic is going pay-off as you pursue life post-study abroad.
  • Your ability to problem solve, adapt, and manage stressful situations will be proven and noticed by future employers (and yourself)!

CIS Abroad has a select portfolio of programs that are open during 2021 that have met the Return to Travel requirements, including the Semester in Thailand. Read on to see how Thailand has been a perfect example of a country that has allowed students to have an incredible study abroad experience despite travel restrictions and the general perception of travel in general.

Life in Thailand

Thailand has largely contained the spread of COVID by closing its borders, and by tracing every known case of COVID that was found so that contacts could isolate. The results have been amazing. There have been long periods of time over the past 9 months when there were 0 new cases of COVID. They’ve set an example for the world to follow.

Thailand has slowly opened its borders in a very controlled way. It is now possible for students to travel to Thailand. There’s a strict quarantine in place to ensure that any traveler who has COVID is identified and treated before they are allowed to enter into the Kingdom. After two weeks of quarantine in a 3 or 4 star hotel, students are free to travel throughout Thailand. Did we mention fresh meal delivery and access to COVID test every few days?

The beaches that are normally crowded are empty. Bangkok’s world famous Grand Palace and Watt Po, which normally have thousands of visitors daily, are easily accessible and peaceful. Thai people are generally happy to see visitors, as they rely so heavily on tourism for their survival. Few travelers have been seen due to the quarantine requirements.

It is a special time to travel, because it’s so different. Those who are brave enough to travel and endure a quarantine will be rewarded.

In addition to Thailand, you can see all open Summer and Fall 2021 programs. We know that things change constantly and quickly these days. While we can’t make perfect predictions about what it’ll be like in each country while you’re there, we can help. We’ll work with you to make sure that you’ve chosen the best option for you and support you every step of the way.

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