CISABROAD BLOG · November 5, 2020 · 3 Min Read
Why I’m Still Studying Abroad Next Spring | Testimonials Before Departure

On a scale of 1 to “get me out of here!!!” how high is your FOMO? We all know that 2020 has proven itself to be an extremely challenging year & some days it feels like we no longer know what “normal” is. If remote learning is going to be the new norm for the foreseeable future (or you’re more than ready for a change of scenery), why not consider going abroad? CIS abroad & our overseas partners have been working together to identify locations for students to study abroad that are safe and allows you to still have a meaningful experience. 

This fall, we have been working with students just like you who are ready to take the plunge and go abroad in Spring 2021. We asked them – “Why are you studying abroad in Spring 2021, in the middle of a global pandemic?” Check out the  #relatable responses for yourself:

“I am studying abroad this spring because last spring (2020) I was in Prague, Czechia and was sent home due to the coronavirus. On the plane back home, I realized how much I loved immersing myself in another culture and language and how much more world there is outside my country. Stepping outside of my comfort zone was scary but now that I have travelled throughout Europe, I know I want to do this as much as I can. During a pandemic, it is risky to travel outside your state or country but CIS is making me feel more sure and prepared about studying abroad. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity that I do not know when I will have again and I am very much looking forward to studying in Thailand knowing CIS will help every step of the way”

Haley Potter, Semester in Thailand – Spring 2021, University of Massachusetts – Amherst

“I believe that experiencing and understanding other cultures is a vital part of eliminating the mental and emotional borders that divide humanity. Being able to learn about other cultures through immersion will offer me a more intimate understanding than a book or other media would. I specifically wish to study in Japan as it is the culture that started me down the path of wanting to understand the cultures of the world.”

Ian Berdensen, Semester in Japan – Spring 2021, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

“I have dreamt of studying abroad since I started high school and I have worked hard since then to achieve it. I have done a little bit of international traveling with my family and with that, I have fallen deeply in love with it. My family and I choose to travel to explore the world and experience as much as we can, so what better opportunity to do this than through studying abroad! Being from the midwestern part of the United States, many of the popular global views and goals are not viewed as important to the communities I live with. I have hopes of addressing this issue by gaining personal experience and sharing it with others. When this pandemic hit, of course it took a toll on me but this is actually what drove me to want to study abroad even more. The idea of getting to study abroad gave me hope and determination to keep pushing through this hard time. It drove me to keep working hard and finish out the year strong. I look forward to experiencing the new climate, community, and all of the opportunities to learn from being abroad!”

Madison Quinn, Semester in Hawai’i – Spring 2021, University of North Dakota

“I am choosing to study abroad because I want to see the world through a different perspective, along with emerging myself into different cultures. I want to engage deeply in my fashion classes, so I can take back the knowledge I acquired to share with others and incorporate that knowledge into my future career.”

Jacob Owens, Semester in Florence – Spring 2021, University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa

Are you ready to join them and gain a new perspective in 2021? We’re busting through barriers by extending our deadlines and have created our most flexible refund policy so that you feel informed and ready to go abroad. Explore open program locations!

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