CISABROAD BLOG · January 2, 2020 · 4 Min Read
What it’s REALLY like to intern in Prague | Student Blog from the Czech Republic

Spending a semester abroad has been at the top of my college to-do list since even before I started college. My mom instilled the travel bug in me since I was young and I knew it was something I had to take advantage of! But a semester to intern in Prague? That was something I didn’t originally plan for. 

I interned abroad my senior year of college. Why?

When I began my research for programs abroad, I was headed into my senior year of college. During my research, I noticed that some programs offered internships for credit instead of enrolling in classes. Thinking ahead, I decided that gaining work experience was a better fit for me!

After some digging, I came across the CIS Abroad page and was shocked by their range of locations for internships abroad! From locations around the world to experiences in different career fields, CIS Abroad offered internships that were very affordable compared to other programs!

Interning with CIS Abroad is easy!

I love their efficient system of pairing students with internships in their career field! The staff at CIS Abroad made the process super smooth and was very helpful with the abundance of questions that I had about the abroad experience. Before I knew it, I was set to go to Prague, Czech Republic for a 12-week Marketing Internship!

intern in prague view of prague castle over the charles river

View of Prague Castle over the Charles River.

It’s never too late to intern in Prague.

The biggest lesson that I’ve learned from this journey is that there is no “right” time to pursue opportunities. As a senior in college, it was out of the ordinary for me to go abroad. But I knew that if I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity, I would miss the experience of spending a semester in another country.

It might seem scary to change up your routine and live in a different country for 3 months, but I’ve learned that when you put yourself in situations that you’re not familiar with, you find new strengths within yourself. So, don’t shy away from opportunities and stay openminded to the things that the Universe presents you!

Wanna know what it’s REALLY like to intern in Prague? Watch my video.

It’s crazy to reflect on how fast this experience has gone by! Now that I’m on the last stretch of my internship, I thought I’d reflect on my experience abroad by creating a video to talk about my journey! In this video, I will share about the process of selecting a program, my internship journey, and what it’s like to live in Prague for 3 months! 

Watch my video to get an inside look into what it’s like to live and intern in Prague with CIS Abroad.

Convinced that Prague is for you, but you need to nail down the details? Head on over to the CIS Abroad webpage about interning in Prague and get everything you need to know.

Or Czech out ReAnn’s website to learn more about what it’s like to intern in Prague.

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