CISABROAD BLOG · August 9, 2016 · 2 Min Read
Traveling Alone While Abroad | Student Blog from Ireland


Eden Beane Blog PhotoThis summer Eden is studying in Limerick, Ireland with CISabroad, and doing an internship in Dublin, Ireland. Eden studies at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts. Here are some reasons why you should never let being alone stop you from exploring your new home.

I have always naturally enjoyed doing things on my own and I have a very independent intuition, so the thought of traveling on my own while in Ireland did not scare me at all. Once I met others here they seemed very opposed to the idea of taking a weekend by themselves to explore other parts of the country. Most of them even decided not to go somewhere simply because no one could go with them. This shocked me because I personally would never give up an opportunity because no one would be accompanying me and I think that no one else should either. For anyone who feels like they are missing out on something wonderful because they are too afraid to do it alone, please, take that leap!

Of course safety is a concern and is something to always keep in mind when traveling alone. Do some research and make sure you are in a safe part of wherever you are going alone. Tell people where you are and when you will be back. Be sure to keep in contact with your family and your study abroad program while you are traveling. Although, being afraid is still not something to halt you from gaining once in a lifetime experiences.

Traveling somewhere alone may sound boring or pointless to some people, but I can tell you first hand that it is a very relaxing and enriching experience. Traveling alone gives you the chance to do the things you are interested in instead of tip toeing around others’ interests. It is peaceful and gives you the chance to soak in beautiful places without worrying about others having a good time. Of course traveling with others can be fun but taking time once in a while to make memories on your own is something to never pass up.

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