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Study Abroad Travel & Packing Tips: A Few Tips on Tipping in Europe

“Check, please!”  Most of us have said these two simple words a countless number of times and can do the process that follows in our sleep…“service good, times point two, carry the one, total looks good and sign”… In the U.S., it is ingrained in us that tipping anything less than 15 percent on a restaurant bill means that you were very unsatisfied with your service or meal.

CISabroad Study Abroad in Perugia Italy

CISabroad Welcome Dinner in Perugia, Italy

Servers in the U.S. rely heavily on tips to make up their wages but in most of Europe a tip is only supplemental to their already sufficient wages. When sitting down for your first delicious meal, the first step is to check the menus for any included service charges or taxes. After that, follow these guidelines for when that check comes!

In Italy, Portugal, France and Spain – No tip is required or expected. Only tip 5-15 percent if you were exceptionally happy with your service. Rounding up to the next euro and leaving coins are completely acceptable and appreciated.

In Germany, Czech Republic, England and Ireland – A small tip is customary. A tip of 10 percent means that you were satisfied with your service and 15 percent means you were delighted.

Taxi! When taking a taxi in Europe, in general, it is not necessary to tip the driver. Rounding up to the next Euro is appreciated by the driver but not mandatory.

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