CISABROAD BLOG · March 24, 2021 · 3 Min Read
Top Programs for the Avid Hiker

Read on for some of our recommendations for top programs for the avid hiker but are great options if you just enjoy easy access to outdoor activities, or perhaps very recently have come to appreciate fresh air and open spaces.

Semester in Hawai’i – Hawai’i Pacific University

Spend a semester at Hawai’i Pacific University and gain access to amazing outdoor excursions. There are plenty of discoveries to make in the culture-rich area of Honolulu. The island of Oahu has rainforests, volcanoes, beaches, and national parks to explore. There are amazing trails just outside the city to enjoy. Spend time outside the classroom hiking through the local flora. 

Escape to is the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, just a 20-minute drive outside the city. For instance, explore beautifully grown gardens representing a variety of pacific regions and camp overnight within the park! Even closer to campus is Tantalus Mountain with a variety of trailheads and great views of Honolulu and beyond.

Semester in South Africa – University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town is a top-ranked university in all of Africa. There is a perfect mix of nature and multi-cultural cosmopolitan life. The area offers a stunning variety of mountainous views and long-stretching beaches. It is also easy to explore outside of Cape Town. The campus is situated against Devil’s Peak, one of Cape Town’s unmissable landmarks. Additionally, Table Mountain National Park is nearby and provides a variety of trails and a great view of the city and surrounding water. Since the city itself has a strong outdoors and hiking culture, it is easy to join groups to share adventures. Explore the many forests and nature reserves that surround one of the most beautiful places on the map.

Semester in Argentina – Universidad del Belgrano

Argentina is a nature-lovers paradise. Universidad del Belgrano offers a balance between culturally rich city life and exotic flora and fauna outside the city limits. One of our program’s guided excursions includes a visit to tranquil Tigre. The trip could include a ferry ride just off the coast to a nearby island, or a trek through a peaceful nature reserve. 

Additionally, there are many options for more epic adventures outside the city. Weekend trips and explorations during study breaks are easily accessible. For instance, visit some of the bigger parks within the province of Buenos Aires. Check out the many hiking trails of the Sierra de la Ventana mountain range, of which Cerro Tres Picos is the highest peak. Beyond there are many other parts of Argentina to explore including the lush Patagonian Lake District, or the more arid desert views at Atuel Canyon near San Rafael. Whether near or far from campus, the avid hiker or student seeking adventure will feel right at home among Argentine parks.

Ready to start hiking? These are just some of the many locations to consider to get you started! Any program you choose is going to offer plenty of places and spaces for outdoor activities and adventures, so get out there and enjoy the view!

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