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Top programs in the Humanities

CIS Abroad is able to offer a wide range of programs in specialized fields that cater to students studying the humanities. We are committed to matching each student with the program that best accommodates their specific field of interest, as well as a setting and culture that nurtures a well-rounded and full abroad learning experience.

Top semester programs for the Humanities

The programs that cover fields in the humanities vary widely, with the most common areas to find courses being in History, International Studies, Art History, Literature & Creative Writing, Religious Studies, and Philosophy. Here is a list of some of the best semester programs that offer a large selection of Humanities courses:

Florence University of the Arts is home to a large international student body, and offers a challenging academic curriculum along with a friendly and vibrant inner and surrounding culture and community. Humanities students would benefit greatly from choosing courses here specifically related to History, Literature & Creative Writing, International Studies, and the Arts.

University of Cape Town currently ranks as the #1 top university in all of Africa. It has the most culturally diverse student body on the continent, and a strong tradition of campus activism and opposition to apartheid. Students interested in Humanities will have plenty of ways to get involved in subjects of interest both in the classroom and among the active campus and cosmopolitan community nearby. Top Humanities courses offered in this program include History, Law & Legal Studies, Philosophy & Ethics.

University of Roehampton is a friendly, cozy campus tucked away in southwest London. With the “Growhampton” sustainability program, the campus is a lively, eco-friendly, and stimulating environment to socialize and learn in. For Humanities studies, there are many options for courses in History, Literature & Creative Writing, Philosophy & Ethics, as well as Religious Studies and Theology.

Bond University is one of Australia’s newest and most innovative schools. As one of the country’s few private universities, students are able to get a more intimate campus experience, as well as flexibility in creating a US-compatible semester schedule. Courses offered in the Humanities for this semester program include International Studies, Law & Legal Studies, Literature & Creative Writing, and Philosophy & Ethics.

Top summer programs for the Humanities

The humanities tends to be an easy set of subjects for students to find summer programs for, ranging across a diverse selection of regions and universities. Here are just a few of the top programs that partner universities offer in the summer:

Top intern programs for the Humanities

Since the Humanities reach across so many fields, CIS Abroad is able to place students and interns in just about any area of interest. Since our internship placements and the samples you’ll find on our website are organized by career fields, it may be a little harder to identify placements searching under the broad umbrella of Humanities. We recommend students think about a career field connected to their major and go from there to find their ideal internship opportunities. Below is a list of programs that have provided great internship placements for past students in the Humanities:

This is just a taste of the wide range of opportunities offered through our partner universities around the world for students seeking engaging, immersive study abroad experiences in the Humanities. If you would like to look more in depth at the courses available within a particular program, take a look at the program pages that you are interested in, and scroll down to Academics. There, under “Choose your courses” you will find information about course offerings and availability. We are also always happy to answer questions around individuals’ specific needs.

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