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Top Programs in Engineering

As you will see below, CIS Abroad’s program portfolio is dotted with outstanding options for engineering students. Though the sequential nature of engineering curriculum at many US institutions can at times make it challenging for these students to spend a full semester abroad, with a little planning and the right selection of programs, it is more than possible. We’re also thrilled to be able to offer relevant coursework on summer programs and year-round internships to engineering students. As a rule of thumb, our partner universities in Australia are generally very good for engineering coursework, and students can also find opportunities to meet their academic needs in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Top semester programs for engineering

Located in the west of Ireland, the University of Limerick and its School of Engineering are known for innovative teaching and cutting-edge research. CIS Abroad students have access to “modules” (courses) in Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Industrial Design, and Biomedical Engineering.

Though we could have recommended nearly any of our semester abroad programs in Australia, the University of Newcastle does stand out for the quality and quantity of engineering courses offered by its Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment. Students of electrical, mechanical, civil, software, and biomedical engineering will be able to enroll in coursework that likely closely follows the curriculum at their home university.

Sogang University, a small private institution in Seoul, is one of South Korea’s top research universities. Its School of Engineering offers coursework in four main areas: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, and Computer Science/Engineering. Students looking for courses in the applied sciences are also well served at Sogang.

At the University of Cape Town, the #1 university on the continent of Africa, academic excellence is never in doubt. Its faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment is divided into the following departments: Architecture, Planning and Geomatics; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Construction Economics and Management; Electrical Engineering; and Mechanical Engineering. With the wealth of engineering courses offered, not to mention those from other faculties, there are plenty of academic options here for a semester abroad.

Top summer programs for engineering

Frankly, it can be difficult to find a wide selection of engineering courses on summer study abroad programs. That’s because most universities around the world primarily offer these during their standard academic terms (i.e. during the semester). Many engineering majors will use summer study abroad programs to take foundational or gen. ed. courses, or electives. However, there are a number of CIS Abroad programs that offer engineering courses. Here are some of the top options:

Top intern programs for engineering

CIS Abroad offers a selection of programs that can provide engineers with customized internship placements to gain skills towards their careers. Considering our network of host employers in more than a dozen countries around the world, we recommend the following programs most frequently to engineering students:

What’s next? To dive deeper into the courses available on a particular program, take a look at the program pages that you are interested in, and scroll down to Academics. There, under “Choose your courses” you will find information about course offerings and availability. For intern programs, sample placements can be found on each program page as well.

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