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Top 3 Subjects to Study in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, a bustling and cosmopolitan city, offers a sheer number and variety of subjects to study. You can easily put what you study into practice and gain hands-on experience through what the city of 14 million people has to offer. CISabroad’s programs offer classes in both Spanish and English, with nearly 25 courses in English offered each semester. While Spanish is the best subject to study and master while you’re down there, why not challenge yourself in other ways as well? As you plan your study abroad in Buenos Aires, there are endless options to choose from, and here are the top three subjects to study in Buenos Aires.

1. International Business

Buenos Aires is a buzzing place for large companies and entrepreneurs. With easy access by air, sea, and land, Buenos Aires is incredibly busy as it is a business hub both domestically and internationally. Heavy industry, manufacturing, banking, and finance are some of the biggest markets, and are much larger here than anywhere else in Argentina. Since the state of the economy has been in flux for quite some time, it presents unique opportunities and challenges for business owners and companies alike. After foundational weeks with your professors in the classroom, you’ll be equipped to ask bigger research questions and pursue your own questions on-the-ground with companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs to better understand how Buenos Aires fits into the larger picture of international business.

2. Political and Social Change

Buenos Aires is a perfect place to study political and social change. With the Madres de Plaza de Mayo, state terrorism, the Dirty War, history of their dictatorship, widespread abuse of human rights, and Argentina’s desaparecidos (disappeared people), you’ll wish you could spend more time on the ground studying! Topics of study range from prominent figures to famous social movements or consistent systemic struggles that Argentina faces as a whole. While you could take stand-alone courses on each topic, a survey-like course that covers each area provides you with a holistic view of politics and society in Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires.

3. Global Economy

While there are some overlapping themes and content with the international business courses in Buenos Aires, global economy classes look at an even bigger picture by examining Buenos Aires’ role in the world’s economy. In particular, your classes will investigate commercial relations between Latin American and the large geo-economic regions like NAFTA, the European Union, and ASEAN. Trade, economic cooperation, business development, and socio-political issues will be the main topics. Meanwhile, you will discover how multinational corporations and international organizations impact economic development.

La Vida Local

There’s some overlap with these subjects since each area complements the other and provides the oh-so-important context for understanding (ahem, political and social change!). Asking locals how it’s impacted their lives and how they’ve seen it unfold over the years is an experience that cannot be replaced by a textbook narrative. Plus, you’ll gather the stories that show you’ve lived it and seen it with your own eyes. Buenos Aires is perfectly situated for aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs, politicians, social workers, psychologists, economists, financial officers, marketing associates, and the like. Getting your foundation in these three subject areas on-site in Buenos Aires is the first step!

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