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Top 10 Things To Do In Ecuador

What are the top ten most exciting places to visit in Ecuador?

There are a number of things you can do while spending your time in the small yet extremely diverse country of Ecuador. Whether you prefer beaches, mountains, jungles, or art and culture, Ecuador offers it all!

Ecuador Quito

10. For number ten on our list, if you’re big into learning the culture of Ecuador, visiting their stunning churches are a must! In Quito, the capital of Ecuador you have a magnificent church called the “La Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús,” (The Church of the Society of Jesus) and one of the many reasons why it’s so popular is that fact that the inside of the church is made out of pure gold!

9. As for number nine, The Galapagos Islands are one of the biggest attractions to people visiting across the globe when they’re in Ecuador. It’s 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, so you can either take a plane from Guayaquil or Quito’s airport, or simply by boat. During your experience at the Galapagos Islands, you will be able to witness all the different type of species on the island like iguanas, sea lions, and many more. Not to mention you can swim with the animals as well, or go snorkeling, which is the more popular choice. Fun Fact: The Galapagos Island location is where Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution came about!

Ecuador Galapagos 2

8. Number eight on the list is sports related for those sports lovers out there especially in relation to soccer, or how they would say it in Ecuador, “fútbol!” Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa is a soccer stadium where the Ecuadorian national soccer team play their home games against other nations across the world. Built back in 1951, it has the capacity of a little over 40,000 and at this venue, the Ecuadorian national soccer team have beaten Brazil and Argentina twice!

7. If you’re a beach goer than this is the ideal location for you when visiting Ecuador. Montanita is well known beach in Ecuador, you can simply sun bath and enjoy the Ecuadorian sun, to surfing, nightclubs, bars, and cafes to entertain you while on your visit.

6. An amazing environmental travel you can do in Ecuador is going on either a hike or bike to Cotopaxi, or in other words: one of the biggest volcanoes in Ecuador! It’s only 17 miles away from the Quito and a lot of the tour agencies offer many trips to climb this summit. You can either hike this active volcano, go on a biking tour, or you can even get a tour and stay on level ground if hiking and or biking isn’t your cup of tea on an active volcano!

Ecuador Mountains
5. Of course with all this traveling across Ecuador you can’t forget to eat now can you? Ecuador is big on their soup, so wherever you go across Ecuador, try all the soups they have to offer. Not to mention, Ecuador is big on their empanadas, you have the choice of eating a cheese empanada or meat empanada, or both! Now if you really feel cultural and want to try one of Ecuador’s specialty dish, simply ask for a “Qui” or also known as guinea pig!

4. After all this traveling and hiking across this vast country, doesn’t a nice steamed natural bath sound great right about now? Well you can in Baños, Ecuador! This small city is known for their hot spring baths due to the volcano thermal waters of that area. It’s a breathtaking sight and not to mention a soothing one too.

3. When people think of Ecuador, one of the first words that come into mine is amazon, now imagine actually experiencing the Amazon Rainforest! If you head off to town of Cena in Ecuador, that is the specific location where you can begin your fun adventures in the Amazon! And yes, kayaking and whitewater rafting is also available when going about in the Amazon Forest.

Ecuador Amazon

2. When traveling to Ecuador another must go to city is Guayaquil a.k.a. the largest city in Ecuador. It’s the most modern area of all of Ecuador, high end hotels, fascinating restaurants, art venues, and trendy bars and galleries.

1. Last but not least, if you ever go to Ecuador you must head off to, “La Mitad del Mundo” a.k.a. the middle of the world or better known as the Equator Line. Hence the reason of the name given, Ecuador. One of the photos mainly taken by everyone is taking a picture of one leg on each side of the equator, therefore you can be one of the few people that have said that they’ve been at two places at once! (one leg in the northern hemisphere and the other leg in the southern hemisphere) The equator line is symbolized as a bright yellow line so you can’t miss this iconic destination of the world.


Daniel Eyzaguirre is a student marketing intern from Western New England University majoring in International Business. He’s traveled to Ecuador every other year since he was a child visiting family. If there is anyone who is a student expert, it’s Daniel. If you are planning on spending a summer or semester in Ecuador, or if you are an experienced traveler, please comment below and add to this list!

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