CISABROAD BLOG · September 30, 2022 · 3 Min Read
The City is the Classroom | My Photography Class in London

During my time in London, I had the opportunity to take a photography class for credit. The class was called London: Photographing the City, and we did just that. Once a week the class went out in the city to shoot at different locations. It was fascinating to stop and really take the city. I would have to be stationary to get the perfect shot. We conducted shoots at Southbank, Camden Market, Bishopsgate, and Primrose Hill.

Fully Immersed With Local Photographers

The class also had some studio sessions where we worked on taking portraits with our classmates. This was the point where I felt the most immersed in the foreign country. I was working in the studio with other acclaimed local photographers. It was as if I was participating in their daily life with them.  

One aspect of the class which I found both challenging and rewarding was our final project. We each created our own theme and went out on our own in the city to photograph. It seemed a bit daunting at first and I really did not know where to start. I needed to come up with a cohesive idea for all of my images so that they’d create a story. My first thought was that I loved how green of a city London was compared to cities in the United States. I really appreciated how the city tried to incorporate greenery and flowers throughout. After further researching, I found that London has extensive plans on how they hope to make the city more environmentally friendly.

Stopping for a quick photo along the Thames River

What I Learned

Upon completion of my photography class in London, I now have a better understanding of what makes a great photo and how to make people want to look at the art you create. I gained experience and memories of what it was like to stop and take a break in a foreign country to really be absorbed in their way of life. I often look back on the photos I took there and reminisce on the most fulfilling time I had in London which I hope to experience again soon.  

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