CISABROAD BLOG · November 13, 2011 · 2 Min Read
The CISabroad Guarantee

At CISabroad, we’re BOLDLY COMMITTED to giving you the best value in study abroad. When comparing programs, take into account ALL of our features: affordability, support, cultural immersion and academic relevance. You won’t find a better value. We Guarantee It.*

Here’s all that we provide on a CISabroad program:


Snorkeling in Australia with CISabroad

Guaranteed Value

Our programs include EVERYTHING students need.


  • Financial aid counseling
  • Travel advice and logistics support
  • Housing in an apartment, dorm, or homestay
  • Pre-departure orientation and information packet

While abroad

  • Airport pick up
  • On-site orientation
  • On-site support from a CISabroad Site Director
  • La Vida Local program
  • Built-in excursions
  • Medical and accident insurance

On return

  • Re-entry orientation and support
  • University transcript
  • Career and professional resources

Guaranteed Support

Before, during, and after your student will be supported by a CISabroad staff member. Our goal is a quick response to questions before departure and an even faster response while on site. When your student gets back, they have the opportunity to stay passionate by being involved as an Alumni Ambassador on campus – there are many ways to be an active alum.

Guaranteed Culture

We want your student to “live the local life” so built into each of our programs is our La Vida Local culture series. They’ll see where the locals eat, shop, hang out and learn to understand the culture in their host country.

Guaranteed Academics

What’s study abroad without the study? We have hundreds of options for classes that can count toward your student’s degree. Our Academic Picks offer a variety of classes in a given major, with great university support. We’ll help sort it out before departure so that they’ll get the credit when they come back.


Birdseye view of London, another place where you could study with CISabroad!

*If your student applies to a CISabroad program and finds another program that gives them all that we do at a lower price, we’ll refund the money up to 2 months before the program. If your student participates in a CISabroad program and we didn’t deliver on our guarantee, we’ll give them a $1,000 off one of our featured summer programs.

I wanted to go abroad with a program that I knew was going to make it the best experience possible and guide me through the process. I had two friends travel abroad last spring to London with CISabroad and they both had the time of their lives. That made me certain I would go abroad with CISabroad.” ~Allison P., University of South Carolina, CISabroad Alum, Semester in London

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