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Thai People | Student Blog from Thailand

“On the 4th of July we were lucky enough to feed, ride, and bathe elephants. Beats fireworks any day.” – Deni

Meet Denisha S., a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University, and Summer in Thailand alumna. She is a guest blogger and this is the the last of her three-part blogging series as a Fulbright scholar and Alumni Ambassador. She’s going places!


I hadn’t slept since before my first flight the day before but I wasn’t about to start when I arrived at our hotel in Chiang Mai. My roommate was already there and we hit it off instantly. She was a psych major from New York and the trip was also her first time leaving the east coast. After acquainting ourselves she and I headed to the mall for some amazing Thai food and a movie. That was particularly entertaining. The movie was in English with Thai subtitles and I couldn’t understand why I was watching a movie in my native tongue, in a foreign country whose primary language wasn’t English. After the movie we headed back to the hotel via red truck. This was also entertaining to me. We sat in the back of an open truck and slid from side to side while our driver zipped in and out of traffic, cutting people off and slamming on the brakes like a mad man. He wasn’t though. He actually seemed quite nice and was happy to get to meet someone from a different country. In fact, everyone seemed that way.

That was the best part about going to a country like Thailand. The people were some of the nicest people that I have had the opportunity of meeting and they were just as eager as we were to learn information about a different country. Our professors took pride in teaching and weren’t just educated, they were wise. The entire city seemed just that, just wise. Even the students seemed like that had already lived for years and experienced so much more than I had. What I adored more than their wise remarks was the jovial nature of the Thai people. They were tickled when we attempted to speak Thai to them and were always amused when we took part in classic everyday Thai things, like attending the nightly and weekly markets.

The men and women working the markets were amused to haggle prices with us. One night while out with some girls from the program, I talked a man down some 400 baht for a shirt that he wanted to sell to me for 700 baht. It was an exhilarating process that I think we both found pleasure in. After negotiating he wiped a brow, shook my hand, and gave me a wide grin. Those are the moments that I remember best, those small moments where I felt connected to the city not because I had been there for a number of weeks, but because I was able to share something so common with them, a smile.

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