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Alumni Spotlight: Summer in Madrid, Spain

HalHal McKinley is a rising Senior Business Management Major at Hampton University. He spent this past summer with CISabroad’s  Summer at Nebrija University in Madrid, Spain. We caught up with him for a brief interview regarding his experience and advice for students looking to study abroad!


Summer in Madrid, Spain

Metro stop in Madrid, Spain

Why did you choose a summer in Spain program?
As a Californian, I have grown up close to the Spanish language and I have always wanted to expand on the language because I find it beneficial for business and life.

Where did you live while in Madrid?
I stayed in a residency in the heart of Madrid near downtown with students and interns from several different countries. I loved the location and the culture I was exposed to through my roommates.

What do you miss most about your experience abroad?
I miss nothing more than the freshness of the fruit from the local fruterias.

Summer in Madrid, Spain

If you could go back and do one day over again, which would it be?
I would go back to the World Cup quarter-finals at the Holland House. The atmosphere was contagious and exciting.

Spain takes on Holland in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Spain takes on Holland in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

What are five things you wish you packed?
I wish I would have packed shorts, thin t shirts, and more sneakers. Nothing else.

Any advice for future students?
Go to Spain! This experience made me feel free and it expanded my expectations for life.

Summer in Madrird

Any stories that you’d like to share from your trip?
The trip was more special because of the walls that God knocked down in front of me to make it happen.

Curious to know more about Hal and why he chose Spain for the summer? You can reach him via email at hal.mckinley93 (at)




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