CISABROAD BLOG · June 7, 2012 · 2 Min Read
Studying Abroad: It’s Like Music to Their Ears

This article provides insight into CISabroad’s Customized Programs, sharing a story from Allegheny College’s music program that just finished touring Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. These programs are usually short-term, academically-focused, travel-based experiences designed for specific courses and with faculty’s academic objectives and other interests in mind. 

For students studying music at Allegheny College, hearing of the places they would be visiting and famous musicians whose inspirations they would see up close while traveling throughout Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic for three weeks, it was like music to their ears. Walking in the footsteps of Julie Andrews of Sound of Music fame, students and faculty found themselves frolicking through glowing alpine meadows and exploring quaint mountain villages in Austria last week. It was truly a dream come true.  The trip was highlighted by a visit to the infamous gazebo that provides the setting for the “I am sixteen going on seventeen” song from the film.

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Allegheny College at the gazebo from the Sound of Music

Not only did students get to re-live some of their favorite moments from Sound of Music, but they also got to walk in the footsteps of famous composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. They attended musical performances in Vienna, chamber music concerts in opulent halls in Salzburg and the hilarious opera “The Barber of Seville” at the State Opera House in Prague.

Typical of all CISabroad programs, students also had ample free time to explore on their own, sampling local cuisine, snapping some amazing photos and interacting with the locals. Not to mention, the history and culture of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic didn’t go unnoticed!

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