CISABROAD BLOG · December 13, 2016 · 2 Min Read
How Going Abroad Changed My View


May Hamid is a CISabroad alumna who interned in Barcelona, Spain. May studied at Virginia Commonwealth University. Read on as she tells us how interning abroad changed her life forever and for the better.

I’ve left my comfort zone and my soul to see the world. That probably sounds confusing. You see, it is said that when you see the world you free your soul, but the truth is the price to see the world is losing your soul. Because once you see it, you can never feel like you felt before. The person you are transforms, and everything you were, all the values you had, the morals you thought, and your perspective change.

In fact, they expand and multiply. And it’s confounding at first, because you find yourself battling another part of yourself over the simplest of subjects. Every puzzle piece found in the world will be confusing; some will be amusing. Until you start adapting, comprehending, and accepting that every culture in the world is the same, even though very different.mayhamid1

Eventually you return to your previous life, or home, and you realize you are not the person you were; that they are not the people they were. Something changes and you notice that the place you’re revisiting becomes unfamiliar; that you’ve lost some of the connections you’ve had with it.

So you get on the road, thirsting to start another journey, craving the feeling of belonging that you once had, always wanting it, needing it, and searching for it.

Ultimately you grasp the beauty that the world offers you, and accept that you can never be the same. That there is calm in the chaos, and you relish the belief that you can be anywhere and do anything because you’ve been there before.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have people spread around the world that love you, and countless places to long for. But if you’re really, really lucky, you’ll have some that are willing to meet you half-way across the world, and a few that are eager to recreate all the images you paint in your head and live all your dreams with you.

One thing is for certain though, whatever kind of life you choose to have, love it. Because if you love the life you live, you will live a life you love.

-Special thanks to Ruru for always allowing me to live life through her and vice versa

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