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Valentine’s Day Special: Study Abroad Love Letters

If you’re looking for love this Valentines Day, put the phone down, get off Tinder, and jet off to a new country to study abroad. You may or may not find a significant other, but chances are you will fall in love. Don’t believe it? Just ask these students, who all fell in love with the countries they studied in.

Dear Florence,

Although it may not have been love at first sight, I became obsessed with you during my time with you and saying goodbye was harder than you could have imagined. I learned a lot about myself during my time with you and you allowed me to grow and change for the better. Because of you, I made many new friendships, which I know will last a lifetime. I will miss all of your beauty and your delicious food like the heart shaped pizzas from Gusta Pizza. Sorry I had to say goodbye but I hope to see you again really soon!



Watching the sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo.

Watching the sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo.

Heart shaped pizza from Gusta Pizza.

Heart shaped pizza from Gusta Pizza.

Dearest South Africa, how I miss you so. I miss your bright shining sun, I miss your cultural beauty and your breathtaking views. More than anything, I miss the experience you gave me. I am grateful for the impact you have had on my life. I will be forever grateful for the experience you gave me and I will never forget the amazing sunsets I had while in your amazing country. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Forever grateful,


IMG_7154 (3)

Sunset while on Safari in Kruger Park, after finishing up my semester.


Relaxing at a local vineyard following a stressful week of classes.

Dear Australia,

The short time I spent with you was unreal. I’ll forever cherish the memories with new friends from all over the world, the nights exploring Don’s Tavern & Surfers Paradise, and the laid-back days spent eating Tim Tams & discovering endless beaches. Of all the incredible things I miss (and believe me, there are TONS) I think I’ll miss the person I was when I was with you the most.

Thank you, Australia, for giving me wanderlust. Thank you for teaching me to keep my mind open and my heart young. Thanks for showing me your laid-back culture, unique lingo, and humbling adventures. Although I may never be quite the same as I was during those four short months, I will never forget the person I became—The person that you inspired me to be.

Till we meet again, Oz… I swear it will be soon.



kenzie australia

Days spent with friends at Broadbeach, a beach about 10 minutes from campus, were my favorite.

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