CISABROAD BLOG · November 5, 2015 · 3 Min Read
Study Abroad Institute – Enter the Field of International Education

Sean_Mcglynn Sean McGlynn studied abroad in Buenos Aires and is a CISabroad travel writer. Sean majored in Tourism Management at Plymouth State University,  and his passion for international education and travel landed him a job in the Study Abroad Institute at CISabroad. Learn about the job in international education he landed right after graduation…


What drew you to consider a position in the field of study abroad?

To be honest, I never thought about International Education as a career option. Studying Tourism Management with minors in Business and Spanish I knew I wanted to work in an international field, but I had no clue what form that would take. While job searching during my last semester at Plymouth State University I saw a posting for CISabroad’s institute position, which seemed like the perfect way to gain experience and knowledge about multiple aspects of study abroad. Having experienced what a positive impact study abroad can make on students during my time in Buenos Aires, I was excited to help other students push their boundaries and spend time abroad.


Sean traveling in Bariloche, Argentina during his semester abroad.

What does your position entail?

As a trainee in the Study Abroad Institute, I primarily work with the University Relations and Marketing department to promote our programs to students and faculty by attending study abroad fairs, and hosting information sessions. I also have the opportunity to work with our other departments as well, so it is a great opportunity to learn about multiples aspects of International Education, while enhancing current skills and learning new ones as well.


Sean setting up his first information table at the University of New Hampshire.

What is the best part about working with CISabroad?

This is a very cliche answer, but it’s true that the people make the job! I get to interact with so many interesting, open minded people everyday. Even as one of the newest members of the team I am frequently having conversations with upper management and the CEO. They are always looking for new ideas and value my input and opinion. CISabroad does a very good job of intentionally working to create a fun, thoughtful and sustainable work culture. I knew I wanted to work there during my interview when a dog strolled by me and I saw the compost bin in the kitchen.

What surprised you about the field?

As a student I never realized how much work goes into helping students have an impactful experience abroad. This is a very passionate field that is constantly trying to help students with all different backgrounds go abroad. They are constantly striving to improve their programs, open up study abroad to more students, and make programs more affordable. The people and organizations in International Education are refreshingly collaborative, even amongst competing companies.

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