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Exploring an Amazing Place: Summer Study Abroad in Cusco, Peru

CISabroad students are loving their Summer Study Abroad in Cusco, Peru! Saydie Long, a student from College of St. Scholastica, is a recipient of the Travel Blogger Scholarship and recently submitted her first impressions. We’ve complied them into a summary of eight reflections.

Study Abroad in Cusco, Peru

July 8th ,2014

1. Today is one week since I’ve arrived in the beautiful city of Cusco, Peru. I’ve spent 7 days exploring the city and adjusting to the busy city life of Cusco.

2. After almost 24 hours of traveling (nearly missing my connection flight in Atlanta, and spending the night in the Lima airport) I was picked up from the airport by my host father, Lito, and taken to my new home so I could finally sleep in a bed.

Study Abroad in Cusco, Peru

3. My first few days were tough, adjusting to the culture, recovering from a long travel day, and missing home quite a bit  – but I’m finally in a routine and much more comfortable here.

4. I can notice my Spanish skills improving both in my speaking as well as understanding. I guess that’s what happens when speaking English isn’t even an option! Last night at dinner my host mom, Vanessa and I sat and talked for over an hour in Spanish and it amazed me that I was capable of holding that long of a conversation.

Study Abroad in Cusco, Peru

5. The group of students that are studying at USIL with me is very small which makes for a close group. There are 13 of us and we’ve already bonded at school, while discovering new places and dancing the night away. It’s crazy to me that only after a week, I’ve already created awesome friendships and I can’t wait to continue this adventure with them. It’s reassuring to have these girls by my side when things get tough because they are walking the same path as me, more or less and we can support and encourage each other.

Study Abroad in Cusco, Peru

6. I’ve learned that the only way to become comfortable is to take risks, practice and be confident. Taking the bus by myself was once a task that I once dreaded but now it’s a part of my every day routine along with navigating my way through the busy streets and not getting lost.

7. After a few days of having classes, it’s very interesting to apply the history that I’m learning to the things that I see in the city.

8. I can’t wait to study more about the culture of Peru and continue to explore this amazing place.

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Study Abroad in Cusco, Peru

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