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Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Buenos Aires

Sean_McglynnSean McGlynn studied abroad in Buenos Aires and is a CISabroad travel writer. Sean majored in Tourism Management at Plymouth State University,  and his passion for international education and travel landed him a job in the Study Abroad Institute at CISabroad. We love when Sean writes for us – read on to see why.


#5 Skip two winters!
If you head down to Buenos Aires for a US spring semester term, you’ll not only be skipping the majority of the US winter, but you’ll also be heading home right before Argentina’s winter. It doesn’t get much better than flying away from winter, and landing right in the middle of summer.

#4 Incredible Parks
When living in a major metropolis such as Buenos Aires, there is often the need to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for something a little more quiet and peaceful. Buenos Aires offers plenty of opportunity to do just that with its huge array of parks and open spaces. Whether you’re looking to kick back with a good book, enjoy maté with friends, join a pickup soccer game or just people watch, Buenos Aires has a park for you. Some of the most well known parks include Bosques de Palermo, Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur and Jardín Japonés, but there are a myriad of smaller parks throughout the city waiting to be discovered as well.

1980489_735672689798988_107092536_o (1)

The popular park Bosques de Palermo becomes a hive of activity on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

#3 Great food and cafés
Rest assured that you won’t go hungry in Buenos Aires. With its large Italian influence great pizza and pasta shops abound, but the country is most renowned for its pairing of fine red wines and incredible steaks. On just about any street you can find a great restaurant serving local favorites such as empanadas and milanesa. Its endless number of cafés are a great place to get a coffee, read the paper and kill time people watching; just don’t expect the check to arrive in any hurry.


A typical Argentina asado (barbecue) consisting of steaks, sausages, ribs and pork.

#2 Sporting culture
Fútbol is an unrivaled passion in Argentina, and you should not pass up the opportunity to catch a live game. When the cities premier clubs, Boca Juniors and River Plate, play each other the streets empty and the city goes quiet, until there’s a goal that is. While fútbol clearly reigns supreme, a trip to the Hipódromo in Palermo to watch the horse races, and a game at the massive polo fields right across the street are great spectator events.

1910987_735671543132436_522019430_o (1)

A match takes place on the immense polo grounds in the heart of Palermo, Buenos Aires.

#1 The people
Buenos Aires’ cafésand parks are nothing without the Porteños filling them with lively conversation. Their beauty, passion and warmth can’t be adequately described in writing. So spend a semester or summer studying there and living with a local family, and find out for yourself.

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