CISABROAD BLOG · October 1, 2021 · 3 Min Read
Strategy Tips from our Strategic Operations Division

September Tip: Marketing and Outreach Strategy

Word on the street is that students are already thinking about summer. Does your marketing and outreach highlight summer options? Have you opened up your summer application cycle? Take a moment to reflect on your recent advising conversations. If most of them are about Summer and they can’t yet apply, consider opening up that application cycle now!

Too often we see offices focus marketing and advising on the nearest term (in this case, spring) and wait to start on summer marketing until the January. Most of the students who have already decided on spring have likely been thinking about it for months. (Maybe years…thanks to COVID.) Rather than trying to get the last minute spring students, start thinking about the term ahead. Focusing outreach efforts on summer programs now gives students the time they need to make important academic and financial decisions. It also saves you the headache of trying to process last minute applications.

Are you feeling the summer love? Tell us more about what you’re seeing from your students. We have great resources to help you better understand the student journey and how to make the biggest impact with your marketing and outreach.

August Tip: Onboarding New Staff

We are seeing post after post for open positions in International Education. This warms our heart as it means institutions are investing in our industry and teams are coming back together! (insert happy dance here.) As you hire and begin to onboard this fall remember it takes 6-9 months to get a new team member fully trained and up to speed. The journey is just beginning when you fill the position.

So what do you do?
It’s easy to overlook the importance of onboarding new team members, but it is crucial to the success of any team. Make sure you have a robust onboarding program for your new hire(s), complete with training and content. Often we see teams start out with robust plans for the first 2-4 weeks, but fail to consider the support new hires need beyond the first few weeks in their job. This can lead to all kinds of frustration and delays for your team. Do you have new staff in your office? Tell us what positions you may be hiring for. We’d love to share our ideas for successful onboarding!

July Tip: Strategic Planning Around Reduced Staffing

In July we hosted a webinar called “Strategic Planning Around Reduced Staffing.” Summer is often that ideal time to get to big office projects and strategize! Unfortunately so many of our fabulous affiliates have smaller teams than ever before and energy levels are dropping. So how do you strategize when your team morale is low? It’s also likely your team has been virtual and may never have met some of their colleagues who started during the pandemic in-person ! So what do you do? Before strategizing, remind your team that they are in fact stronger together. How can you do this? We have a few fun activities that get folks excited to tap into their office colleagues skills and expertise. Tell us what’s going on in your office, and we’ll tell you how to tackle it!

What are you struggling with? How can we help?

Let us know here and we’ll connect you with the best person on our team who can address your needs.

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