CISABROAD BLOG · October 9, 2019 · 1 Min Read
Save $250 with TRIPORTREAT

It’s our spookiest promo of the year: TRIPORTREAT!

When students apply for one of our 2020 semester programs and use the promo code TRIPORTREAT, they will receive $250 off! The code just needs to be entered on the application before October 31st.

To celebrate our lovable office dogs have embarked on an intergalactic quest around the office for yummy treats!

Watch our parody video below to see the fluffy coworkers who keep us happy while we process applications and help students go abroad. (If you’re ever nearby, stop in for a pet!)



TRIPORTREAT is valid on applications for 2020 SEMESTER programs, when applying and using the promo code before the promotion ends on October 31.


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