CISABROAD BLOG · May 20, 2016 · 2 Min Read
Rome in Rainbows

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Last week Italy’s parliament passed a bill recognizing civil unions between same-sex couples.  After the bill was passed many of Rome’s iconic monuments and buildings were lit up in rainbow, and had the word love shone unto them into a multitude of languages.




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I went abroad to Italy. It was perhaps the best experience of my life. The people were incredibly friendly and kind there. I learned a lot and traveled a lot, and made so many new friends. I however, never came out and told anyone that I am gay. I hid that fact from everyone there. I did not want to be judged based upon my sexual orientation. Also from what I learned in the first few weeks was that Italians were not the most accepting of being gay. I mean they were not outwardly hostile or prejudice toward people who were gay or lesbian. They had more of an attitude of if you are fine that is okay, just keep it to yourself and don’t show it around us. It is a little hard to describe how I felt about it or how it impacted me as I kept this to myself. Perhaps I was a little afraid that if I did come out abroad then I would have been alienated by some in the community and those in the abroad group as well. I just went about my days like i always would and lived life to the fullest while there. It was honestly the best time of my life and I would recommend anyone that is LGBTQIA or not to go and experience another life for themselves. ­Anonymous CISabroad Student, Semester in Italy

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