CISABROAD BLOG · September 3, 2014 · 3 Min Read
Alumni Spotlight: Rome and Paris

Julia Sanzo is a Early Childhood Education and Child Psychology Major at Eastern Connecticut State University. This summer, she took part in CISabroad’s “Heart of Renaissance – Rome and Paris.” We caught up with her for a brief interview regarding her truly memorable experience and advice for prospective study abroaders!

Rome and Paris

Why did you choose the Heart of Renaissance – Rome and Paris program? 

I chose this program because it was catered to exactly what I wanted to do. A summer session that went to a few different countries for a two month span!

Where did you live, did you like it?

I lived in both Rome (Trastevere) and Paris! Both locations were perfect, not too far from class and easy to navigate around!

Rome and Paris

 Did you learn to live like a local? How? 

Yes, especially in Rome my roommates and I would go to the local fruit market at the bottom of our street and went to a local café every morning! In Paris we lived like locals by navigating through the Metro with ease!

What do you miss most about your host country?

I miss Italy the most because the food was to die for! And don’t even get me started about gelato, get it every day while away!

Rome and Paris

If you could go back and do one day over again, which would it be? 

Castel Gandolfo, the Popes’ summer home is located here. There is a beautiful volcanic lake that is ginormous and with kayaks or paddle boats to rent for a very cheap price. The experience and view was amazing.

What are five things you didn’t pack that you wish you had?

  1. Reusable water bottle (Water isn’t free at restaurants)
  2. Black or White sneakers that match everything (Comfy shoes is key)
  3. Laundry Detergent pods – They’re easy but expensive there!
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Beauty essentials, you don’t want to have to buy anything there

Any advice for future students? 

GO! Don’t say no to fun activities you’re only abroad for a short period of time! Don’t waste it by face timing with your friends and family all day.

Take adventures, go to fun places that you never thought you would do! Enjoy every second because it doesn’t last forever.

Don’t have your face in the phone the whole time, look up and look around.

Travel tips?

Plan weekend trips to different countries! It’s not that expensive and you won’t regret it!

Any stories that you’d like to share from your trip? 

I have too many stories to even think of! But, a funny one is that when a group of us were trying to get to Versailles, we got lost like five times, couldn’t ask anyone for directions and by the time we got on the accurate train, got there, it was closing!! And we had to go back another day!

Rome and Paris

Curious to know more about Julia and why she chose Rome and Paris for the summer? You can reach her via email at Sanzoj(at)

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