CISABROAD BLOG · November 3, 2022 · 4 Min Read
Q&A Spotlight with Ginger Sheridan

Learn more about our Internship & Microcredential professor, Ginger!

Why are you excited to work for CIS Abroad? 

Having worked with CIS for years as a faculty leader in The New Millenium Grand Tour, I know first-hand the quality service they give. That, coupled with the company’s core values, including how well they treat their employees, made them my first choice for part-time, post-retirement work. 

Describe a memorable moment from abroad

In 1970, at the age of 14, I was stranded in the Florence train station with my two best school friends. We had little money and no passports with us and it was getting on midnight. I somehow managed to contact and convince the American church to take us in until the next morning when we could reunite with my aunt. Since that day I have known that I am able to take care of myself as well as others despite trying circumstances. Studying abroad (I was in school in Rome) builds self confidence! 

A photo from my first year at St. Dominique in Rome, Italy when I was 12 (along with my school mates).

What has your career path looked like? How did you end up in the field of International Education?

As a child, I went back and forth between my parents’ home in Northeast Florida and my aunt and uncle’s home in Florence, Italy. Because of this experience of two radically different cultures, I learned that I could not please everyone. It gave me the strength to decide for myself whom I wanted to be, which made me a much happier person. As a result, I vowed to myself to try to help anyone I could to have a similar experience.

I achieved it first as a university professor taking students abroad and teaching an art course of my own design entitled “Displacement and Discovery”. It focused on personal growth through international travel. I now achieve my goal by working with CIS Abroad students to help them secure a CIS micro-credential which helps them get the most out of their international experience be it as a student, intern or service learner. 

A typical weekend for me is…

Sleep in!!! My partner and I get up every morning before sunrise to walk 2.5 miles. On the weekend, we take a break, though I turn the radio on at 7am to listen to Rick Steves on Saturday and Milk Street on Sunday. On Saturdays we often have people over for brunch. Sundays we have a leisurely breakfast and do the crossword puzzle in the Beaches Leader, our weekly local paper. Every Sunday afternoon, for about 15 years now, we have dominoes game-night with 8 of our closest friends. I rarely win, though I openly cheat. 

My Partner Ron & I hiking in Sorrento a few years back.

5 words that describe yourself

  • Empathetic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Introverted
  • Sloppy
  • Organized

Travel Tip:

If you can, take the bus. You will see more of the city while you relax and enjoy the scenery. At the bus stop and on the bus, you will encounter locals who are not in a hurry and can help you find your destination. Just don’t forget to offer them your seat if you think they need it. 

Sitting on a park bench in Paris with my two godchildren.

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