CISABROAD BLOG · February 24, 2022 · 2 Min Read
Positive Thinking with a Paralympic Hero

The Power of Positivity 

To embrace the spirit of the Olympic season, this month CIS Abroad staff had the pleasure of listening and learning from British Paralympic Champion, Stephen Miller.  Born with cerebral palsy, and blessed with a huge personality and sense of humor to boot, Stephen shared how the power of positive thinking led him to become a 4 time paralympic medalist.

While we may not be competing for gold medals, we do strive for happiness, health and balance in our lives.  Choosing a mindset of positivity is the first step.  As Stephen reminded us, “We become what we practice.”  

In the last two years many of us have likely “practiced” quite a bit of stress, fear, anxiety, and maybe a sprinkling of anger or doubt.  (and yes, I’m talking to myself too.)  Our mindset impacts not only our daily lives, but those around us as well.  

If you’ve found it challenging to be positive or your team is struggling to maintain positivity, here are a few ideas to help you get those positive vibes humming:

Align Your Actions with Your Values  

Think about the core values you have as an individual or as a team.  What’s important to you?  Why is it important? How are you showcasing that value? 

Stack the Good Habits

Build on your daily successes.  For example, if you exercised today, maintain momentum by staying hydrated, eating well, and getting rest. Think about your goals for yourself or your team.  What good habits can you stack?

Meditation & Visualization

Practice positive thinking by exercising your mind.  Take 5 minutes to visualize the impact your positive thoughts can have on everything around you. 

Practice Gratitude

Share what you are grateful for daily.  Even amidst challenges, finding just one thing that you are thankful for can shift our mindset and attitude. 


Do you work in a study abroad office?

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