CISABROAD BLOG · October 4, 2016 · 3 Min Read
Not All Who Wander Are Lost


May Hamid is a CISabroad alumna who interned in Barcelona, Spain. May studied at Virginia Commonwealth University. Join her journey through life as she learns to further appreciate the world and strives to reach her goals.

There is magic in the world. Mermaids exist, somewhere beyond where our eyes have seen. Everywhere flowers bloom as the sun rays touch their petals. The leaves drink droplets of rain when clouds grace us with gloom. Every sight of life is a song of visions, every sound of it an ocean. It’s almost effortless to marvel in.

Yet at times we forget to notice its beauty, and it is such a shame that we allow ourselves to close our eyes to all the perfect details that gather to form such an imperfect place. We consign to oblivion, and find ourselves missing all the things that are not in our vicinities. It’s true, the grass is greener on the other side, but truth be told that is not just the case, because as colossal as home is to define, most of the time it is defined depending on where the heart is, and so we miss where we love the most.

But the thing about the world is that in every place there is something most beautiful, and in every case a best scenario, in order to articulate that rationale we start by allowing ourselves to keep an open-mind about the world and see everything the world has to offer. Because the world is a gift, and it is our duty to live it as fully and as possibly as we can.may-hamid-1

I have never noticed how crucially necessary it is to understand the power that lies not only in the world but also inside of us; to know that it is in our hands to decide on whether or not we want to choose to write our own fates. See, we are told more than a hundred times through our short years that in life there are always those that do, and those that don’t do, and it’s a fact that we all like to think that we are the “doers” and that we are better than others.

Yet when the moment arrives, and you truly realize you are better than others — that you are doing something, going somewhere, writing your own fate — it feels as though it’s an epiphany or a dream that has come to you as you lay awake. It’s like you’re watching your own life happen right in front of your eyes, knowing all the events that are happening and what they will lead to, slowly but so quickly.

Being alone has allowed me to dive into my inner strength, and I cannot describe how fulfilling and powerful it feels to have a glimpse of this sort of power. But as powering as it feels, it is also terrifying, because the knowledge of it means that I understand and completely acknowledge the fact that I am also my own greatest enemy and that the most difficult challenge I face is continuously overcoming that fear.

The journey is not the destination. Because life is a journey, and our goals are our destinations, to get there, there is a road. All I know is I just got on the road, and I’m not planning on stopping until I get to my destination.

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