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Why Not Take a Gap Year?

Are you about to graduate high school? Did you get waitlisted from your #1 college? Not sure you want to go to college right away? There are dozens of reasons to consider delaying college for a year, also known as a gap year, and this practice is becoming more and more accepted in the United States.

Taking a year between to high school and college can be an incredible opportunity for self-discovery and the world around you. Some of the top schools in the nation are supportive of students taking a gap year, as studies are showing it can increase student motivation. Take for example Harvard’s support of Malia Obama’s desire to do a gap year, certainly the most high profile gap year in recent history. To have a positive impact on students, experts say that a gap year should be a transformative event, something distinct from anything else the student has experienced before.


Taking a year between high school and college can be an opportunity to discover both yourself and the world around you.

CISabroad has a number of affordable gap year friendly programs, that offer this transformational experience. For example CISabroad’s Semester in Perugia where you will be able to try out a variety of courses, and even earn college credit, meaning you’ll be a step ahead if/when you decide to enter college.

I never imagined that my semester in Perugia would be as full and as fulfilling as it was. I furthered my academic and career goals through a customizable research program, became a member of the community through volunteer opportunities and connecting with locals, and expanded my horizons in so many ways! The Umbra Institute faculty and staff help to make it feel like home, and the CISabroad team is ready to answer any and all questions to make the semester the experience of a lifetime. If you’re debating whether or not to choose Perugia, do it! Your experience will be indescribable!”– Sarah F., Semester in Perugia Fall 2015, Elizabethtown College

Gap years have been common in Europe for a long time, and although they are still relatively uncommon in the US, they seem to be growing in popularity. If a gap year seems right for you, contact a CISabroad adviser to learn more.

Here are some more resources for students interested in gap years:

How to Have a Successful Gap Year

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