CISABROAD BLOG · November 7, 2019 · 5 Min Read
NEW Jewish Immersion Study Abroad Program in Argentina

Going abroad on your own can seem like a big leap —especially if you’re closely involved in your religious community back home —but Jewish students going abroad can feel more supported now thanks to CIS Abroad’s new Jewish Immersion study abroad program in Argentina.

What is the Jewish Immersion Study Abroad Program?

Student in front of large B and A for Buenos Aires

CIS Abroad’s new Jewish Immersion study abroad program builds on CIS Abroad’s commitment to guaranteed support by offering a support program specifically for Jewish students that you can add on to any of our programs in Argentina. The program aims to support Jewish students who respect Kosher and Shabbat and want to continue practicing these traditions abroad with the local Jewish community.

Identity-based Support for Jewish Students

Our Jewish Immersion study abroad program in Argentina provides so much support for Jewish students! We match you with a Jewish homestay family with a similar level of observance and customs. You’ll have access to a Jewish Advisor who’ll attend your orientation. We’ll set up Shabbat and holiday dinners for you to connect with local folks in the Jewish community. And your site director Marina (who’s Jewish herself) will be there to support you too!

The end result? You’ll feel the support of your Jewish community even while you’re living it up in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires.

homestay family
Argentina Site Director, Marina, (top left) with students (front row) and their homestay parent (top right).

Why Argentina?

You might not know this, but Argentina is home to around 250,000 Jews, making it the sixth-largest Jewish community in the world, and the biggest in Latin America.

Most of Argentina’s Jewish population lives in Buenos Aires, primarily in the neighborhoods of Once, Abasto, and Villa Crespo which are bursting with Jewish temples, eateries, and theatres.

Did You Know?

Tell me the details!

The Jewish Immersion study abroad program is an add-on* so what does that extra money get you in terms of support?

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • Homestay accommodation with Jewish families, matching each student with a family with a similar level of observance and customs.
  • A Jewish advisor who will come to the orientation and deliver storytelling about the local community, Jewish tips, and a Jewish map of the area. Plus a weekly newsletter with activities within the community.
  • 2 placements for Shabbat or holiday dinners
  • Optional services: Jewish city tour; Kosher lunch boxes

*See the program page for the Argentina program you’re interested to get the most up to date prices!

How do I apply?

Adding the Jewish Immersion add-on to your CIS Abroad program in Argentina is easy!

  • Complete the standard application process for any of our programs in Argentina by filling out our online application
  • Tell your CIS Abroad program coordinator that you want the Jewish Immersion Program Add-On
  • Fill in the Jewish Program Form
  • Wait for confirmations!

Argentina is an exciting place to study or intern abroad – and now it can feel a little homier for Jewish students. Why not spend a semester or a summer there?

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